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Out­rage porn: Any type of me­dia de­signed to in­voke out­rage for the pur­pose of gen­er­at­ing traf­fic or get­ting at­ten­tion on­line.

Click­tivism: The use of so­cial me­dia and other on­line meth­ods to pro­mote a cause. The method has been used to or­ga­nize protests, fa­cil­i­tate boy­cotts and crowd­fund.

Slack­tivism: “Feel­good” mea­sures in sup­port of an is­sue or so­cial cause that have lit­tle phys­i­cal or prac­ti­cal ef­fect other than mak­ing the user feel sat­is­fied for hav­ing con­trib­uted (e.g., lik­ing a char­ity’s Face­book page, #hash­tag­ging sup­port of a #cause).

Faux out­rage:

Pre­tend­ing to be of­fended, in­sulted or gen­er­ally af­fronted by an is­sue. Faux out­rage is usu­ally ex­pressed pub­licly in the ser­vice of an agenda (#El­bow­gate).

Rage prof­i­teer:

A per­son or a web­site that traf­fics in out­rage, pre­tend­ing to care pas­sion­ately about cer­tain causes but ac­tu­ally thriv­ing on re­gres­sion, con­tro­versy or bad news—any­thing to step into the lime­light.

Out­rage fa­tigue:

Ex­haus­tion and en­tropy that is the prod­uct of too much out­rage.

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