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Avoid shop­ping when you are overly emo­tional, be­cause you will have less con­trol over your body’s dopamine re­sponse. Plus, if you are stressed out, you will have ex­cess cor­ti­sol, which clouds the frontal lobe of the brain. “This can trans­late into mind­less shop­ping,” says Smith.


There are two dif­fer­ent parts of the brain that impact shop­ping: value-di­rected and habit. The lat­ter leads to mind­less spend­ing. “Check in with your­self and ask value-di­rected ques­tions be­fore and dur­ing shop­ping to turn off the habit part of your brain,” says Wein­schenk. Ask your­self “Does this go with any­thing in my closet?” or “How many white shirts do I al­ready have?”


Write a self-story de­tail­ing what you care about, and make sure that your pur­chases re­flect your val­ues. “If you state that you are some­one who cares about qual­ity over price, it will drive your be­hav­iour,” says Wein­schenk.

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