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Go­ing grey is in­evitable, right? Maybe not. There’s a new treat­ment that may turn back time.

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Ev­ery once in a while, a beauty prod­uct comes along that boasts a break­through so po­ten­tially game chang­ing that its claim causes even the big­gest skep­tics (i.e., beauty ed­i­tors) to take note. The one in ques­tion is Phyto’s RE30 Grey Hair Treat­ment, which ap­par­ently pre­vents grey hairs from sprout­ing and re-pig­ments some ex­ist­ing ones.

But let’s back up and recap why we go grey in the first place. As we age, the cells in our hair fol­li­cles, which are called melanocytes, be­gin to lose their abil­ity to pro­duce melanin, or pig­ment. Why that hap­pens isn’t com­pletely un­der­stood, but some re­searchers have sug­gested that it’s linked to the nat­u­ral buildup of hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide inside the fol­li­cle. Nor­mally, an en­zyme called cata­lase breaks down this chem­i­cal into wa­ter and oxy­gen. As we age, we pro­duce less cata­lase, and this leads to hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide ac­cu­mu­lat­ing in the fol­li­cle. This, in turn, dis­rupts melanin pro­duc­tion and lit­er­ally bleaches the hair from within, ex­plains Elis­a­beth Gagnon, na­tional trainer for Phyto Canada.

Af­ter six years of re­search, Phyto has cre­ated a clear leave-in serum that con­tains RE30, a pep­tide that boosts the pro­duc­tion of melanin. The for­mula also con­tains pur­ple tulip ex­tract, which helps strengthen the in­ter­nal struc­ture of grey hair. It’s not an overnight cure: Af­ter ap­ply­ing eight pumps of the serum to the scalp daily for three months, you may see a 38 per cent re­duc­tion in grey hairs. We’re test­ing it out and will re­port back.


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