QUIZ: What’s Your En­vi­ron­men­tal Foot­print?

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1. You’re head­ing out for a run. Do you:

a buy a plas­tic bot­tle of wa­ter on your route b hope to find a wa­ter foun­tain along the way c carry your own re­us­able wa­ter bot­tle

2. Your closet needs an up­date. Do you:

a hit up a few fast-fash­ion stores for trendy, of-the-mo­ment pieces b do re­search on­line and pick out a few high­qual­ity items that will last you sev­eral years c head to the vin­tage/con­sign­ment stores in your neigh­bour­hood

3. You’re on your way to your lo­cal café for an af­ter­noon pick-me-up. Do you:

a grab a hot or iced cof­fee to go b drink your bev­er­age at the café in re­us­able glass­ware c carry your own cof­fee mug or steel straw and bring the drink back to work

4. You’re go­ing to the gro­cery store. Do you:

a take home your gro­ceries in a bunch of plas­tic carry bags b buy some re­us­able bags at the store (and try to re­mem­ber to bring them the Next time) c bring your own tote bags

5. Which of th­ese is the best rep­re­sen­ta­tion of how you shop for gro­ceries?

a you pick up items you need or any that catch your eye, re­gard­less of prove­nance b you make sure all the pro­duce you buy is or­ganic c you only shop at lo­cal farm­ers’ mar­kets

6. You’re plan­ning din­ners for the week. Does your menu mainly in­volve:

a some­thing with red meat b some­thing with white meat or fish c plant-based meals

7. It’s time to throw out the trash. Do you:

a throw ev­ery­thing out as one b have sep­a­rate bags/bins for food waste and re­cy­cling c have a sep­a­rate bin for com­post in ad­di­tion to re­cy­cling and gen­eral waste

8. How of­ten do you use a washer/dryer?

a no more than three loads a week b no more than one load a week c no more than three loads a month

9. What’s your pre­ferred mode of trans­porta­tion?

a per­sonal car or cab b pub­lic tran­sit c walk­ing or bik­ing

10. How of­ten do you travel by plane?

a once a month b sev­eral times a year c once a year

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