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There is plenty the world doesn’t agree on these days, but there is per­haps no topic quite as con­tentious and thorny as fem­i­nism. Which is why Toronto-based play­wrights/ac­tors Amy Nost­bakken and No­rah Sa­dava’s film Mouth­piece is so re­mark­able. In the film, which is an adap­ta­tion of their 2015 play, Nost­bakken and Sa­dava play two of­ten-spar­ring ver­sions of the same char­ac­ter’s in­ter­nal mono­logue. The story fol­lows Cas­san­dra as she grap­ples with the re­al­ity of her mother’s sud­den death, re­flect­ing on how her mother’s own fem­i­nism shaped her. “So­cial me­dia has cre­ated this con­di­tion of ex­treme views,” says Sa­dava. “We’ve stopped giv­ing our­selves time to process any­thing be­cause it’s just about re­act­ing. This film shows a woman pro­cess­ing dif­fi­cult things. We need to start that in­ter­nal mono­logue again.”

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