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The caveat with dosist is that it’s not avail­able in Canada—which dou­bles as the com­pany’s slo­gan—and it won’t be un­til its vape pens are le­gal­ized, along with all the other ways to con­sume cannabis. Fin­gers crossed that this hap­pens soon, be­cause dosist—which has cre­ated pro­pri­etary pens that en­sure per­fectly con­trolled doses of its six ex­clu­sive for­mu­las— is maybe the eas­i­est way for a begin­ner to en­joy the ben­e­fits of cannabis.


Strains of flower (which is the classy name for ac­tual weed) that are crafted and clev­erly named for spe­cific ac­tiv­i­ties. Like Walk the Dog, which is a mel­low hy­brid per­fect for let­ting your mind wan­der (but not too much) while walk­ing Spot. Or Flix and Chill, which ex­cels at what cannabis has al­ways been good at: mak­ing movies bet­ter and mak­ing you want sex more.


A well­ness brand ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing the best ex­pe­ri­ence for women. And while that is a bit vague at the mo­ment, the prospect of in­cor­po­rat­ing cannabis into a con­sid­ered, healthy life­style is def­i­nitely ap­peal­ing.


WDBX (pro­nounced Weed­box) of­fers cu­rated de­sign-fo­cused prod­ucts, from can­dles to grinders, to help you make the most of the cannabis life­style.


If Kin­folk were to start a cannabis brand, it would look a lot like Milkweed. You’ll find sim­ple and el­e­gantly crafted ac­ces­sories that will look beau­ti­ful on the gram.

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