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Sue-Ann Staff Es­tate Winery, Jor­dan,


“It’s true there’s noth­ing bet­ter than a re­fresh­ing beer af­ter a wet, dirty, hard day in the cel­lar,” con­firms Sue-Ann Staff, “but I find that af­ter a beer or two, I’m ready for more wine.”

“Hav­ing grown up with main­stream suds from the big brew­ers, I was amazed one day back in 2001, when I was mak­ing wine at Pil­lit­teri, and a jour­nal­ist called Alain de Vit­tel brought a dozen dif­fer­ent Uni­broue beers from Que­bec for us to try. It was a rev­e­la­tion! And these days the di­ver­sity of craft beer is fas­ci­nat­ing. It’s mir­ror­ing what hap­pened here with wine. And how great is it that all these mi­cro­brew­eries are go­ing up in ru­ral com­mu­ni­ties not big towns, bring­ing heart and soul, pride and job op­por­tu­ni­ties?”

“I tend to an­a­lyze a new beer in the same way I would a wine—right down to smelling the glass be­fore the beer goes into it. But I’m a lit­tle en­vi­ous of brew­ers and how they can make beer when­ever they want. We winemakers only get to bake one ap­ple pie a year and if you overdo the cin­na­mon or if the crust didn’t turn out right, it’s too bad—you have to wait for another year! Brew­ers are lucky!”

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