Norm Hardie

Nor­man Hardie Winery and Vine­yard, Prince Ed­ward County, nor­man­


“In a very round­about way,” muses Norm Hardie, “it was beer that made me a wine­maker. I kept miss­ing one of my Fri­day af­ter­noon classes at the Univer­sity of West­ern On­tario be­cause I’d be off drink­ing beer with the other fresh­men, and I found my­self a half credit short. They let me go to the Univer­sity of Di­jon to ful­fill the re­quire­ment and I ended up in the som­me­lier pro­gram there. The rest is his­tory.”

“These days, dur­ing har­vest and vin­tage, I love to get the whole team to­gether at the end of the day and dis­cuss how things are go­ing. Hav­ing a great ar­ray of beers avail­able en­cour­ages ev­ery­one to sit down and stay. It makes for bet­ter team­work and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Beer’s so re­fresh­ing af­ter a long hot day in the vine­yard or cel­lar and it’s also use­ful, es­pe­cially here in Prince Ed­ward County, where our wines have very high acid­ity and low pH. You might have to taste 30 or 40 very young, acidic wines in a morn­ing to see how they’re com­ing along, so beer, with its low acid­ity and high pH, re­stores your palate. I guess you could ar­gue that milk would work just as well, but…”

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