IN­TRO­DUC­ING TOMAHAWK STEAK Cut from the Prime Rib at 1-bone thick­ness, Tomahawk is the tro­phy of steak! Follow this Grill Master Les­son to ex­pe­ri­ence all the grill-drama.



• Pat steak dry to max­i­mize the brown­ing – a wet steak will steam not brown.

• It’s a sin to cook a naked steak. Sea­son sim­ply all over with coarse salt and a bit of freshly ground pep­per. No gooey sauces please!

• For a pristine look to the bone, wrap it in foil be­fore cook­ing.


Use the Grill-roast Tech­nique, cook­ing by in­di­rect heat:

• Pre­heat the bar­be­cue to 400˚F (200˚C) and sear the steak for 2 to 3 min­utes per side un­til nicely browned.

• For a two-burner grill, turn off one burner or for a three-to-four burner grill, turn off the cen­tre burner; place the steak over the un­lit sec­tion of the grill, right on the grill or in a roast­ing pan.

• Re­duce heat to get a con­stant 325˚F to 350˚F (160˚C to 180˚C) and cook with the lid closed for about 30 min­utes, un­til meat reaches an in­ter­nal tem­per­a­ture of 135˚F to 140˚F (57˚C to 60˚C) for medium-rare, test­ing done­ness with a dig­i­tal in­stant read ther­mome­ter. AL­TER­NA­TIVE: Af­ter sear­ing insert the probe of a ca­bled pro­gram­mable ther­mome­ter side­ways into the cen­tre of the steak to mon­i­tor cook­ing progress with­out open­ing the lid.


• Place steak on a carv­ing board that is sit­ting in a rimmed bak­ing sheet to catch the juices. Let rest for 10 to 15 min­utes loosely cov­ered with foil to let juices set­tle – don’t wrap tightly or you steam the steak.

• Carve meat from the bone and slice into ½ inch (1 cm)-thick slices. Sprin­kle with flaked sea salt and ground pep­per to fin­ish.

• Serve from the board or trans­fer to a plat­ter to pass.

• Raf­fle the bone off to se­ri­ous car­ni­vores (or keep for your­self).

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