This dessert may just re­mind you of a favourite candy—rich, crunchy and al­to­gether de­li­cious. Malt in two forms—bar­ley malt syrup and malt pow­der—pro­vide the flavour. Try to use pure malt pow­der, not a malted milk pow­der drink mix. Both can be found in health food stores. A crust made from su­gar cones seems ap­pro­pri­ate for a frozen dessert, and when it comes to the choco­late malt balls, taste testers pre­ferred Mal­te­sers to Whop­pers.

Crispy Choco­late Crust (recipe on page 148) 4 eggs

¼ cup (60 mL) loosely packed light brown su­gar

2 tbsp (30 mL) bar­ley malt syrup

1 cup (250 mL) whip­ping cream

¼ cup (60 mL) malt pow­der, not malted milk pow­der

½ tsp (2 mL) vanilla ex­tract

½ cup (125 mL) choco­late malt balls, coarsely crushed

Choco­late shav­ings and co­coa for gar­nish 1 Pre­pare the Crispy Choco­late Crust and set aside.

2 In a medium heat­proof bowl, whisk to­gether eggs, light brown su­gar and bar­ley malt syrup. Set the bowl over a pot of sim­mer­ing wa­ter, mak­ing sure the bot­tom of the bowl does not touch the wa­ter. Whisk con­stantly un­til the mix­ture thick­ens and is hot to the touch.

3 Trans­fer the mix­ture to the bowl of an elec­tric mixer fit­ted with the whisk at­tach­ment and whip on high speed.

4 While the egg mix­ture is whip­ping, place the whip­ping cream in a medium bowl. Add malt pow­der and whisk im­me­di­ately un­til the pow­der is dis­solved. Add vanilla ex­tract, then place the cream in the fridge to keep it cold.

5 Once the egg mix­ture is cool and dou­bled in volume, trans­fer it to a clean bowl. Wash the bowl and whisk from the elec­tric mixer and place in the freezer for about 5 min­utes. Trans­fer whip­ping cream to the chilled bowl and whip to stiff peaks. Fold in the egg mix­ture just un­til evenly com­bined. 6 Trans­fer one-third of the egg-malt mix­ture to the pre­pared pan of Crispy Choco­late Crust and top with half of the crushed malt balls. Top with an­other one-third of the mix­ture, fol­lowed with the re­main­ing malt balls. Fin­ish with a fi­nal layer of mix­ture, and smooth the top. Fold in the over­hang­ing parch­ment paper, or cover the top with plas­tic wrap. Freeze overnight.

7 Re­move the frozen loaf from the pan and cover the top with choco­late shav­ings. Re­turn to the freezer un­til serv­ing, and just be­fore slic­ing, dust co­coa pow­der over­top. Serves 10 to 12

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