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For cen­turies, over in Europe, peo­ple have started their evenings with a favourite aper­i­tif. There are many to choose from, but it helps to group them into ex­tended fam­i­lies.


Try these sweeter aper­i­tifs on the rocks with tonic and a lemon twist! Fon­seca White Port (LCBO 276816, $17.20) and Reynac Pineau des Char­entes (LCBO 372169, $22.55) both of­fer a hint of honey. Al­izé

Red (LCBO 338053, $27.15) is all about pas­sion fruit, en­hanced with vodka.

THE FOR­TI­FIED FAM­ILY These de­lec­ta­ble con­coc­tions of wine, spirit, fruits and botan­i­cals in­clude Dolin Ver­mouth de Cham­bery Rouge (LCBO 370841, $15.60) with its warm, fen­nel and herbal flavour, Lil­let Blanc (VIN­TAGES 322297, $19.10) with a scent of orange and vanilla, and Dubon­net

(LCBO 386334, $12.70)—black­cur­rant and a trace of qui­nine. Serve them chilled and/or on the rocks.

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