FROM EARLY SUM­MER 2011, BY LUCY WAVER­MAN We grow de­li­cious lamb in On­tario. This recipe calls for a bone­less but­ter­flied lamb leg, which the butcher ei­ther sells or will pre­pare for you. It cooks quickly on the bar­be­cue and be­cause it has dif­fer­ent thick­nesses, you will have both rare and medium meat when it is cooked. The veg­eta­bles are a per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment for this dish.


1 boned and but­ter­flied leg of lamb, about 4 lbs (1.81 kg)

3 cloves gar­lic thinly sliced

3 tbsp (45 mL) olive oil

2 tbsp (30 mL) chopped fresh rose­mary

1 tsp (5 mL) hot or mild smoked Span­ish paprika Kosher salt and freshly ground pep­per


2 red onions, peeled

3 Ja­panese egg­plants

6 small toma­toes such as Cam­pari or 3 toma­toes cut in half

10 mini sweet pep­pers or 2 red pep­pers, halved 3 tbsp (45 mL) olive oil

1 tbsp (15 mL) bal­samic vine­gar

Mint leaves, op­tional gar­nish

1 Cut lit­tle slits all over lamb with a small sharp knife. Stuff gar­lic slices into slits.

2 Com­bine olive oil, rose­mary and smoked Span­ish paprika; brush over lamb. Sea­son well with salt and pep­per.

3 Pre­heat grill to medium-high.

4 Cut red onions in half and then each half into 3 wedges. Cut egg­plant in half. Toss toma­toes, onions, egg­plant and pep­pers with olive oil and sea­son with salt and pep­per. Lay veg­e­ables on the grill or in a grill bas­ket and grill for about 3 min­utes a side, or un­til browned and cooked through. The onions may take as long as 8 min­utes. Re­move veg­eta­bles to a plat­ter. Keep warm in a low oven. Just be­fore serv­ing driz­zle with bal­samic vine­gar, and scat­ter over mint leaves.

5 Sear each side of lamb for about 2 min­utes or un­til browned. Turn off 1 burner and re­duce heat to medium on re­main­ing burner(s). Grill lamb with lid closed for 25 to 35 min­utes, or un­til an in­stant-read ther­mome­ter reads 130°F (54°C) in the thick­est part, turn­ing twice. Try to keep grill tem­per­a­ture about 425°F (220°C).

6 Re­move lamb from bar­be­cue and let rest for 10 min­utes be­fore slic­ing into thin slices. Serve sur­rounded by the veg­eta­bles and with a non­jel­lied mint sauce or a minty salsa on the side, if de­sired. Serves 6

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