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An Insider’s Guide To AGED RUM

Meet the BACARDÍ Aged Rums family, spirits worthy of a place alongside the premium whiskies on your bar’s top shelf.


BACARDÍ AGED RUMS mature gracefully under the Caribbean sun, where each year of oak aging creates sophistica­tion and complexity that take double or triple the time in cooler climates. Find out how to enjoy fine aged rums this holiday season.


Sip a golden amber BACARDÍ aged rum to understand why it’s the new premium spirit of choice. Rums like BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro or BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho elevate everyday mixology, hearkening back to the glamorous, golden age of Cuban cocktails that are now modern classics and inspiring new ones.

BACARDÍ’s adept Maestros de Ron have seven generation­s of experience making expertly blended aged rums—as smooth and complex as any barrelaged spirit you’ve ever tasted. They’re made with highgrade sugarcane molasses, pure Puerto Rican water and a secret strain of Cuban yeast that helps produce the signature flavours of BACARDÍ rum.

In BACARDÍ’s aging warehouses, each oak barrel of maturing rum sits undisturbe­d: no refilling, tapping or blending in the barrel. That means each one develops its own rich, complex taste and smell. The so-called Angel’s Share (the rum that’s lost as it evaporates from aging barrels) is more significan­t under the Caribbean sun, which is what makes BACARDÍ aged rums rare and precious.

BACARDÍ leads the way with transparen­cy: the number on each bottle is a true guarantee of the age of the youngest spirit inside; each blend often includes rums that are years older.

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