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I as­sume most of your au­diences are pre­do­mi­nant­ly straight. How do you break the news to them that you’re gay? MAT­TEo LANE : I use to come ons­tage and sing in a fal­set­to! It’s fun­ny be­cause people are confu­sed and it breaks the ice. Now I just walk ons­tage and say, “I’m ob­vious­ly gay” and then I just move on. But I have to ad­dress it. If you have a mis­sing arm, for ins­tance, if you go up ons­tage and not talk about it for 15 mi­nutes, people are going to ask, “When is he going to men­tion the arm?” If I go ons­tage and start chat­ting, people will ask, “Is he going to men­tion it?” I al­so do be­cause I am proud to be gay. ToDD GLASS : It’s like 35 years ago when you had a Sa­tur­day Night Live sketch of a black and white couple da­ting, the sketch had to be, “I’m black and your pa­rents are vi­si­ting from out of town.” Then you reach a point where you have to have a sketch that gets past that, where race has no­thing to do with the sketch. The couple is just a couple. That’s how I deal with my sexual orien­ta­tion – I talk about it for 3 or 4 mi­nutes and move on. One of my big­gest fears was I didn’t want it to be­come my iden­ti­ty. I ne­ver thought it was the most in­ter­es­ting thing about me. Your thoughts about Mon­treal and Just For Laughs. ToDD GLASS : JFL is a joy! I al­ways have a good time in your ci­ty. MAT­TEo LANE : I love the ci­ty be­cause – this is so Ame­ri­can – it’s Eu­rope in North Ame­ri­ca. My fa­mi­ly is from Ita­ly, I love the Eu­ro­pean vibe in Mon­treal, and my French is ve­ry Ita­lian. The food is ve­ry good and Mon­trea­lers are hot. Eve­ry­bo­dy is good-loo­king. I’m al­so friends with (Mon­treal co­me­dian) Tran­na Win­tour, so I’ll get to hang out with her and en­joy your beau­ti­ful ci­ty. Mon­treal is fa­med for its ama­zing gay male strip­per bars. Have you been yet?. MAT­TEo LANE : I went to one a couple years ago with (out co­me­dian) James Ado­mian, and I hope to go again this sum­mer!

ToDD GLASS :You just re­min­ded mem me of when I was 18 wor­king in co­me­dy clubs. This place in Wild­wood, New Neww Jer­sey, had male strip­pers in one room and a co­me­dy club in the other. All A the straight co­me­dians would go over to the male strip club be­cause they the were com­for­table with their sexua­li­ty, and then the male strip­pers would come over to watch our co­me­dy shows. But I ne­ver went to the strip club, and I pro­ba­bly wan­ted to go more than any­bo­dy. I was sca­red shit­less. I am so much hap­pier since I came out. No more lies. MAT­TEo LANE : The first co­me­dy re­cord I bought was by El­len DeGe­neres. I was nine-years-old. I didn’t even know she was gay! She dealt with so ma­ny as­sholes across Ame­ri­ca when she came out of the clo­set. For me doing co­me­dy in the straight world to­day feels nor­mal, but for queer co­mics back in the day – I think “How the fuck did they do it?” I love El­len. I am gra­te­ful for her and other out co­mics who have made a dif­fe­rence. 6 RICHAR BURNETT

MAT­TEO LANE co-stars in THE ETHNIC SHOW at Club So­da from Ju­ly 11 to 26. / TODD GLASS stars in his self-tit­led so­lo show at Main­line Theatre from Ju­ly 23 to 28. He al­so hosts THE TODD GLASS SHOW at the Hyatt Re­gen­cy on Ju­ly 27.

The JUST FOR LAUGHS FES­TI­VAL runs from Ju­ly 11 to 29. For more in­for­ma­tion and ti­ckets, vi­sit www.ha­ha­

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