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like a wind-up toy, you just set me on the ground and there I go. It’s not your be­lief in me that will mo­ti­vate me — it’s your dis­be­lief.” Meanw­hile, Sedaris connec­ted with a youn­ger ge­ne­ra­tion when he and his sis­ter, en­ter­tai­ner Amy Sedaris, were guest judges on an epi­sode of RuPaul’sD­rag Race in 2016. “I’ve been a big fan of the show from the ve­ry be­gin­ning,” Sedaris said. “I knew I didn’t want to say any­thing bad about any­bo­dy on-ca­me­ra. I don’t want to hurt any­bo­dy like that. What I found fas­ci­na­ting was, when you’re in the pre­sence of it, you know im­me­dia­te­ly (which contes­tant) is the star. You can’t take your eyes off the stars. Stars an­nounce them­selves. The others just fade in­to the back­ground.” Sedaris al­so par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the cri­ti­cal­ly hai­led 2014 do­cu­men­ta­ry film DoISound Gay? “I change pro­ba­bly ad­mits “B “But he work think said. t I if think he, one I if “I stood change c you too, don’t it’s thing ask like once be­fore know their about trying most wan­ted voice,” an if them­selves, gay what to au­dience change to men said change I’m if Sedaris, doing your and they they his people looks,” would would voice. could who would Then be­cause I couldn’t be people like, ‘Oh, get would up look say, and how ‘What’s com­plain hand­some he about com­plain- he stuff is.’ ing have about? that choice, Look how would hand­some you ra­ther he is!’ be So ano­ther if you good-loo­king guy or do you be your­self and talk like a Mup­pet? Well, fi­nan­cial­ly, it would benefit me to be my­self and talk like a Mup­pet. “You know, when I’m in a ho­tel and call room ser­vice, they al­ways say, ‘Yes ma’am, we’ll have it right up,’ ” Sedaris said. “But I don’t think I sound like a wo­man at all. I think I sound like a Mup­pet!” 6 RI­CHARD BUR­NETT

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