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Since Na­tio­nal Pu­blic Ra­dio broad­cast Da­vid Sedaris rea­ding his es­say San­taLand Dia­ries in 1992, he has been lau­ded as one of Ame­ri­ca’s pre-eminent hu­mour wri­ters. To know books I caught hear he have Sedaris up was with sold an mo­dest­ly 10 Sedaris award-win­ning mil­lion when re­flect co­pies he on New in read 25 his York lan­guages. at sto­ried Théâtre Times ca­reer, best­sel­ling Mai­son­neuve though, au­thor you’d in Mon­treal whose ne­ver last li­shed year. Ca­lyp­so Then this (Lit­tle, past Brown sum­mer, and Sedaris Com­pa­ny), – who a col­lec­tion turns 62 in of De­cem­ber 21 se­mi-au­to­bi- – pu­bo­gra­phi­cal es­says about aging and mor­ta­li­ty. The re­views for Ca­lyp­so have been no­thing short of ecs­ta­tic: “Killer... Sedaris is prac­ti­cal­ly his own genre now,” wrote Ra­chel Man­teuf­fel in The Wa­shing­ton Post. Un­sur­pri­sin­gly, Sedaris is im­mune to all the ac­claim. “I star­ted wri­ting when I was 20 and I was 35 when my first book was pu­bli­shed,” Sedaris told me in Mon­treal. “I ne­ver ex­pec­ted this. I was not one of those people who wrote so­me­thing and then went out to try to get it pu­bli­shed. For the first se­ven years, no­bo­dy saw any of my wri­ting at all be­cause it was pret­ty aw­ful.” Sedaris is a re­gu­lar contri­bu­tor to The New Yor­ker and BBC Ra­dio 4 in En­gland where he and his life part­ner, Hugh Ham­rick, have li­ved since 2002. Sedaris is “Even out said. that Sedaris gay al­so loud pro­found­ly was “So if cur­rent­ly does I be­cause writ­ten I ha­ven’t can’t not bear sha­ped on shy 20 read I read tour. years away to from do them his ago, from that. life my 200 but old and So­me­times dis­cus­sing times books I ca­reer. just be­fore can’t.” in his In people years, his gay­ness the es­say I book want get and bo­red ILi­keGuys came to how hear rea­ding out,” growing so­me­thing from Sedaris them his up 1997 he from de­ve­lops col­lec­tion his 2004 a crush of col­lec­tion es­says, on ano­ther Na­ked, DressYourFa­mi­lyinCor­du­royandDe­nim, guy a tee­na­ged at sum­mer Sedaris camp; dis­co­vers and in his he es­say is gay Sedaris He­ji­ra when writes gay. that his fa­ther ki­cked him out of the fa­mi­ly home be­cause he was “My few days dad threw la­ter,” me Sedaris out, said. but he “Now doesn’t when hold I go a on grudge tour, I meet and I kids mo­ved who back come a to my shows with their pa­rents — the kids are 14 years old and they’re gay — and ha­ving that was un­thin­kable when I was growing up. That you could be your­self that ear­ly was un­thin­kable.” Still, Sedaris says growing up gay tou­ghe­ned him up. “To be ‘other’ in any way, you real­ly have to at an ear­ly age not live your life ba­sed on what other people think,” Sedaris said. “I grew up with my dad saying, ‘You’re a fai­lure, you’re a big ze­ro and you’re not going to amount to any­thing.’ And that’s just mu­sic to my ears! That just winds me up. I’m

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