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Con­cerns over miss­ing knives arise in In­jun by Jordan Abel (Talon); El­gar steals cacti from literati in Sonosyn­tac­tics by Gary Bar­win (Wil­frid Lau­rier Press). Kyra Ling slings chicken wings at Hoot­ers in Al­lit­erasian, edited by Ju­lia Lin, Al­lan Cho and Jim Wongchu (Ar­se­nal); Richard digs holes and de­mol­ishes houses and Gene mounts truck gates and hucks bags in Bad Things Hap­pen by Kris Bertin (Bi­b­lioa­sis); Mar­garetha Geertru­ida Zelle waits for the bul­lets with her hands on her hips in Rogues, Ras­cals, and Scalawags Too by Jim Christy (Anvil Press). A “large, het­ero­ge­neously en­hanced mass” stands in for the Big C in Wait Time by Ken­neth Sher­man (Wil­frid Lau­rier Press); a samurai’s sword com­pels the foe to face the man in Twenty Seven Stings by Julie Emer­son (New Star); pin­curls sag from the heat in Last Stop, Lone­some Town by Tara Az­zopardi (Mans­field Press). Ro­man’s brother’s body washes ashore in The Best Cana­dian Po­etry 2015 (Tightrope), edited by Ja­cob Mcarthur Mooney, Molly Pea­cock and Anita La­hey; Luigi clocks his old man in Mean Sea­son by Sal­va­tore Di­falco (Mans­field Press); Ash­ley-el­iz­a­beth Best’s brother keeps jawin’ on in Slow States of Collapse (ECW). Proust re­ceives a let­ter re­gard­ing yoga for cap­i­tal­ists in Corked by Ca­tri­ona Strang (Talon); Dusko es­capes his cap­tors and fights de­por­ta­tion in The Mid­night Games by David Neil Lee (Wol­sak & Wynn); Betsy’s poop turns blue in Bearskin Diary by Carol Daniels (Har­bour); the walls of the nurs­ing home get painted drunk-tank pink in He Wants by Ali­son Moore (Bi­b­lioa­sis). Chuck feels grate­ful for the dis­trac­tion of chicken cor­don bleu in Ledger of the Open Hand by Les­lie Vryen­hoek (Break­wa­ter Books); Mon­sieur’s reign of ter­ror hor­ri­fies in Stroppy by Marc Bell (Drawn & Quar­terly); Drippy chugs a brew and the en­emy pulls out in The Red Drip of Courage by Ju­lian Lawrence (Co­nun­drum). In­spi­ra­tion arises from the Mes­siah’s man­age­ment meth­ods in Hu­man Re­sources by Rachel Zolf (Coach House) and the Vir­gin ma­te­ri­al­izes in You Can’t Bury Them All by Pa­trick Wood­cock (ECW). May-de­cem­ber lovers roam Rome in Il­licit Son­nets by Ge­orge El­liott Clarke (Ex­ile Edi­tions);

APay­vand and Ra­gusa sur­vey the wreck­age caused by war in Amity by Nas­reen Pe­j­vak (Inanna); Jon Evans may duel to the death or he may get hitched on a bus to Thes­sa­loniki in No Fixed Ad­dress (Por­cu­pine’s Quill); Jeeves locks his eyes on Mor­ris­sey’s sway­ing hips in Asth­mat­ica by Jon Paul Fiorentino (In­som­niac). Eve Lazarus re­searches un­solved mys­ter­ies in Cold Case Van­cou­ver (Ar­se­nal); Mr. van der Lem sobs and ex­poses a sewn-up fore­arm in The So­ci­ety of Ex­pe­ri­ence by Matt Cahill (Wol­sak & Wynn); Whitey van­ishes, the Gip­per gri­maces and a young priest clenches a ri­fle in his cold fist in Laura Trunkey’s Dou­ble Dutch (As­to­ria). Mie Tha fears the jun­gle and the crash­ing rain and Ka Law cheers for democ­racy in Flight and Free­dom, by Ratna Omid­var and Dana Wag­ner (Be­tween the Lines); can­nons and guns pow­der the night, flow­ers never ar­rive and the trees mimic the sounds of the sea in Guano by Louis Car­main (Coach House); Mur­doch Bur­nett’s Gaelic up­per body plunges into Lee Mar­a­cle’s air space in Talk­ing to the Di­as­pora (ARP); min­er­als grate and teeth wear in Chan­tal Neveu’s Spec­tac­u­lar In­flu­ence (Book­thug). Sal­mo­nella death rays beam from freshly shred­ded let­tuce in De­cline of the An­i­mal King­dom by Laura Clarke (ECW); An­dromeda and the Milky Way col­lide and merge in The Pet Radish, Shrunken by Pearl Pirie (Book­thug); the ob­ject of your af­fec­tion throws a dozen rot­ten pears and pees their pants a lit­tle bit in Rom Com by Dina Del Buc­chia and Daniel Zom­par­elli (Talon).

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