The Sex­ual Rev­o­lu­tion Will Be Tele­vised

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From Peace in Duress. Pub­lished by Talon Books in 2014. Janet Rogers is a Mowhawk/tus­carora writer from the Six Na­tions band in On­tario. She is the au­thor of sev­eral col­lec­tions of po­etry and the host of Na­tive Waves Ra­dio on CFUV and Tribal Clefs on CBC Ra­dio One.

The pol­i­tics of the erec­tion The re­li­gious ob­ses­sion With the rez-erec­tion Good girls don’t want it As much as bad boys do The sex­ual rev­o­lu­tion Is ready for pick­ing

The pol­icy of the hard-on The dogma of the ding-dong The econ­omy of the D-cup The well-en­dowed and those with­out

The bare-naked Brazil­ian (so in­dige­nous) The pro­to­col of the raised pole

The con­stant ne­go­ti­a­tion of get­ting it on

“Why don’t you come over” “Uh, I don’t know”

“I’ll make it worth your while” “Got any pop­corn”

“I got the hot but­ter too”

“I just want the pop­corn” “Sure, I’ll serve it up, how­ever” “Pay for my cab?”


Make Trade – Not War In­ter-in­dian Act Mixed Race Dirty Talk Fuck you, you dirty filthy squaw There’ll be bleed­ing in the teepee Pound­ing on the ground

Send­ing pri­mal sounds

Keep­ing the an­ces­tors up

The sex­ual rev­o­lu­tion will be tele­vised

The sex­ual rev­o­lu­tion is alive and well and Kick­ing the shit out of con­sti­pated con­ster­na­tion It’s pant­ing and breath­ing, moan­ing and Mov­ing to the rhythm of the new gen­er­a­tion Bump­ing and grind­ing, whin­ing its way to ex­haus­tion

Thought: in­com­ing

The qual­ity of the next gen­er­a­tion

Is in di­rect re­la­tion

To the ec­stasy of the fan­tasy of the fu­ture Don’t fuck it up!

Mea­sur­ing plea­sures in deci­bels with calipers De­cid­ing how far the gaps are be­tween where We’ve been and sin

Sounds like acous­tic, ag­nos­tic Aquatic freaks Keep your hands inside the boat

Put a life jacket on that thing

Let’s col­lec­tively write the ode To the ado­les­cent hor­mone The li­bretto to the fifty-year-old li­bido The sad bal­lad of the reluc­tant stiffy And the mono­logue to that master of solo sex Master Bater

Hef said, “All the senses must be in play, boy.” Brain tis­sue too or

Thou Shalt Not

Rewrit­ing new re­al­i­ties with moral author­ity Imag­ine: we can have power over our own bod­ies Imag­ine: we can have author­ity over our own skin The sex­ual evo­lu­tion will go for­ward


The plea­sure prin­ci­ple is so in­di­vid­ual

Mixed with cur­rent cul­tural keeps this red skin Hot, we in­vented this dance

Or have you for­got?

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