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Send a copy of your com­pleted puz­zle, along with your name and ad­dress, to: Puz­zle #105 GEIST

210-111 West Hast­ings St. Van­cou­ver, B.C. V6B 1H4

Fax 604-677-6319 The win­ner will be se­lected at ran­dom from cor­rect so­lu­tions re­ceived and will be awarded a one-year sub­scrip­tion to Geist or—if al­ready a sub­scriber—a Geist mag­net. Good luck! ACROSS 1 The Dutch saw a hanged man on the hedge (2)

5 On the way they teased us by pulling a fifth

11 Don’t make a scene! Just wash up every­thing in the poop ar­eas (2)

12 Baby, check out the top flaps on that drip 13 The way yeasted bread works is su­per 14 She’ll think about the red one to­mor­row 15 Tick off the tee be­fore the crone does 18 Ear­li­est New­fie races still a tar­get 21 Sounds like those run­ners were

mak­ing waves

24 Slip into this as it will be dif­fi­cult to split 25 He can nav­i­gate while we drum up


26 At the driv­ing range, mind the stair drop

and don’t stum­ble on the way (2)

27 Let’s get to­gether at the line so we can

dish out a lit­tle

28 Those dirty dogs pat­ted me

30 The rest of the laps were un­event­ful and

not quick (ab­brev)

32 Sounds like one of them was stalk­ing her

while the rest were singing

34 I didn’t make this up: he’ll ad­ver­tise his

prod­uct at 11

35 Is it le­gal to in­clude that com­pany?


36 This has not been the best 24 hours I’ve

spent be­fore (ab­brev)

38 My bookie dug that travel doc­u­ment 41 Did you col­lide with any­one at the event?


42 Adding ac­tions is not the sub­ject! 43 Work­ers at the gun fac­tory started the

play (ab­brev)

44 With a few of th­ese you could find one way 45 Sue’s mo­tor neu­rons re­minded us of Lou’s

(ab­brev) DOWN 1 The al­ter­nate way de­feated them

2 Where most of us live

3 We can ad­journ un­less we have this (ab­brev)

4 Let the Satanist go there so we don’t add fuel to the fire (2)

5 Their sea­son’s in full swing so I trust the traps are full

6 A per­cent of them have trou­bles (ab­brev) 7 This year we’re in­ter­ested in rel­a­tive speed (ab­brev)

8 At din­ner did your brood en­joy the mixup or did it ag­i­tate you too? (2)

9 All the sixths go on this line

10 Gamely she took a chance

12 On the 19th Mick couldn’t work so he got stuck on dark web links

16 Sounds like you also want more than one 17 Ac­cord­ing to Mag­gie’s story, they run the show

19 Hey Wi­ley, don’t blow your­self up! (ab­brev)

20 In the be­gin­ning Hog­town was just a rock on a hill

22 Chelsea stayed there when she got to Cal­i­for­nia

23 Mark’s smok­ing can be very abra­sive

26 In the pride era some things are get­ting fixed 28 Think I’ll take off un­til the ex­plo­sion dies down

29 Those Aus­tralians were look­ing for a world of their own

30 I gave the mis­ter a ring when I got to Madrid

31 That looks good but isn’t it the long way? 33 Sounds like the sec­ond one was a sheep 37 That re­ced­ing wave was right­eous

38 Sandy went to Mon­go­lia

39 At 19 they sur­vived tomboy­hood

40 Use SOS, a bare-bones scrub­ber

The win­ners for Puz­zle 104 were Jim Lowe & Brian Goth

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