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In A Brief His­tory of Over­shar­ing (ECW Press), Shawn Hitchins claims that if his naked pho­tos went vi­ral, they’d cre­ate a new genre of pornog­ra­phy called pity porn. Dee gets sent to de­ten­tion for touch­ing Osei’s per­fectly shaped skull in New Boy by Tracy Che­va­lier (Knopf Canada). In Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Craw­ley Hall by Suzette Mayr (Coach House Books), Edith emails Co­ral to say, “You freak me out and my ther­a­pist says I should ap­proach you with cau­tion.” Venge­ful crim­i­nals once taped a bomb to the car of John F.C.B. Vance, known as Canada’s Sher­lock Holmes, ac­cord­ing to Blood, Sweat, and Fear by Eve Lazarus (Ar­se­nal Pulp Press). In A Girl Walks Into a Book: What the Bron­tës Taught Me About Life, Love, and Women’s Work (Seal Press), Mi­randa K. Pen­ning­ton asks Heathcliff what he planned to ac­com­plish by spite-mar­ry­ing his neigh­bour. Kate Cay­ley presents a par­tial list of peo­ple who have claimed to be Christ in Other Houses (Brick Books). In #In­di­anlove­po­ems (Sig­na­ture Edi­tions), Te­nille K. Camp­bell’s one-night-stand falls asleep and she won­ders: how the fuck do I get him out of here? Thun­der rakes in like a Hell’s An­gels con­voy in I’d Write the Sea Like a Par­lour Game by Ali­son Dyer (Kil­lick Press). Jen­nifer Still’s grandma swears we should chew every­thing, even words, in Comma (Book­thug). Ea­mon Mcgrath slams five shots of vodka at a Pol­ish bar and kisses ev­ery­one who brings him boiled pota­toes and pick­led her­ring in Ber­lin-warszawa Ex­press (ECW Press). Ezekiel Bradeau kills read­ers who don’t like his books in Read­opo­lis by Ber­trand Laver­dure, trans­lated by Oana Avasili­chioaei (Book­thug). In Thin Air of the Know­able by Wendy Don­awa (Brick Books), a poet ex­plains the con­cept of Schrödinger’s cat over won­tons and tuna sand­wiches. Lovers flicker bare­back be­neath the full moon in Es­cape from Wreck City by John Creary (Anvil Press). Boxer broad­casts live from a wooden hut in an A&W park­ing lot in Rock ’n’ Ra­dio: When DJS and Rock Music Ruled the Air­waves by Ian Howarth (Véhicule Press). Rod­ney De­croo wants to leap from his skull like a man trapped in­side a burn­ing sky­scraper in Next Door to the Butcher Shop (Night­wood Edi­tions). Karen Von Hahn wor­ries that her mother will look like a bruised, puffy Star Trek alien after her facelift in What Re­mains: Ob­ject Les­sons in Love and Loss (House of Anansi). An old lady tells her drug dealer to trade his do-rag for some­thing more so­phis­ti­cated—a fe­dora, per­haps—in Get­ting Out of Hope by James Cadelli (Co­nun­drum Press). Sun­day codes her dy­ing fa­ther’s thoughts and words into a pow­er­ful com­puter virus in Mala­gash by Joey Comeau (ECW Press). Ac­cord­ing to Owen Beat­tie and John Geiger in Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Ex­pe­di­tion (Grey­stone Books), sailors ate fox en­trails on a good day and sucked on their mit­tens on a bad day. An­drew Struthers says that kids smoke weed be­cause of peer re­view, not peer pres­sure, in The Sa­cred Herb / The Devil’s Weed (New Star Books). The dog pisses ev­ery­where the pa­per hasn’t been laid in Bad Ideas by Michael V. Smith (Night­wood Edi­tions). Linda Bes­ner leaves her pants in the camper of a fa­mous non­con­formist in Feel Hap­pier in 9 Sec­onds (Coach House Books). Daniel sucks wind in the third round of a cage fight in In the Cage by Kevin Hard­cas­tle (Bi­b­lioa­sis).

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