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Geist - - The Wall - Pre­pared by Me­an­dri­cus

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Puzzle #106 GEIST

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The win­ner will be selected at ran­dom from cor­rect so­lu­tions re­ceived and will be awarded a one-year sub­scrip­tion to Geist or—if al­ready a sub­scriber—a Geist mag­net. Good luck!


1 Ac­cord­ing to the sta­tis­tics, wan­der­ing

around now costs money

6 Howie held a bad pâté un­til it smoothed

over (2)

10 Our sad brother came to life on Satur­day


11 The hand­writ­ten sign said not to tip a

ball­cock in the cen­tre of Ot­tawa (2) 14 Curses! But at least the Cree had the

en­ergy to fight at Jim’s store

15 Sorry, Tom, I al­ways leave you out 16 They’re look­ing for frozen and/or alien life 18 Aretha sure puts her heart into it

21 I got crones there and not by look­ing


22 Galac­tic em­pire ston­ers get dusty

23 I like the ass end of those ve­hi­cles but I

might pre­fer sta­tion wag­ons

25 Don’t get spooked, the guy will be here at

10 to get rid of that nut head

28 Goody! I’m one of 8

29 Anna, come and visit that male per­son in

the pointy ves­sel

31 These days it sounds like their spell­ing is

pretty con­fus­ing

32 They’re min­ing Fred and Car­rie’s place 33 Which party will be a bar­rel of laughs? 35 Granny Mac phoned to say she took a bite 36 Where are the ideas and cul­ture around here? 39 Af­ter 7 it wor­ried her that it was eroded 40 How much did she nor­mally score for this


41 Get off your high horse, put on your

jodh­purs and your hat and take mine out too 44 What’s for dessert at the queen’s ju­bilee? 45 I get more con­fused when she’s at odds

with my to­tal (2)

46 In Hal­i­fax, Werner’s trans­for­ma­tive

week­ends were al­ways on time (ab­brev) 47 That air mile song is so pro­vin­cial!

50 That lit­tle imp! I bet he joins the African


53 That in­dige­nous cam­paign has an

am­bi­tious plan for the US 54 Was Roberts a den­tist or a sur­geon?

55 Let us cel­e­brate this year in quiet clean­ness


1 The Toronto party avoided an over­shoe (2) 2 Sounds like he made a big fuss when he said good­bye to Trois Rivières

3 Fa­ther John, you’re mak­ing big money in the restau­rant! $1.50, eh?

4 In­vis­i­ble elec­tion pointer

5 Hey Mr! Gas up at one of these units! 6 Is that guy lo­cal or is he from Eng­land or South Amer­ica? (2)

7 It sounds like a girl fell in the sink­hole 8 They may have se­nior­ity but they’re not al­ways the Weis­ers

9 Don’t bank on Toronto mak­ing your day—it’s just not their ter­ri­tory

12 Do you think it’s ap­pro­pri­ate to use Cin­zano oil to take over?

13 Sorry, I know this is too short but it does rep­re­sent a de­li­ciously long num­ber!

17 In ’67 I talked Anne into join­ing and bring­ing her is­land

19 Where Mario works when he’s in the EU (ab­brev)

20 The gal­leries south of that street in Texas get lots of oohs and aahs

24 That great dog loves pas­try

26 Does that group of north­ern WASPS like Guin­ness? (ab­brev)

27 Sounds like those shel­tered politi­cians up there were stymied by tis­sue

30 Edgar was read­ing with the Bud­dhist­sound­ing group. Whatcha doin’?

34 They all re­sent that bear they’re stew­ing 36 How Justin gets his wa­ter­fall 37 Sam, the doc­tor says this writer is to be there in the morn­ing (2)

38 We can visit the block up there, but no camp­ing (2)

39 Ten to the mi­nus 18 would suit us to a T 41 Around here we ride horses to the sea

42 Joy, how much should you get for those lyrics? 43 Will that Cana­dian or­ga­ni­za­tion keep the mos­qui­toes out? (ab­brev)

44 Hey Butch, the other one might be fa­tal 48 As the story goes, the con­duc­tor used gas 49 The baby took care to put her mother be­side her

51 That makes an at­trac­tive sound pic­ture, doesn’t it? (ab­brev)

52 My dad joined the psy­chol­o­gists in Ed­mon­ton (ab­brev)

The win­ners for Puzzle 105 were Jim Lowe and Brian Goth. Again. You’re too good!

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