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Read­ing “Con­cus­sive” in Geist 106—in which the au­thor, Michał Kozłowski, suf­fers a con­cus­sion while swimming—i was re­minded of the late jazz pi­anist Dave Brubeck, who suf­fered a ma­jor neck in­jury in the early ’50s div­ing into the surf in Hawaii. The story goes that the sub­se­quent neck pain and nerve dam­age lim­ited his dex­ter­ity, forc­ing him to adopt a more “blocky,” slower style of piano play­ing. Of course, this be­came Brubeck’s sig­na­ture sound, and he went on to daz­zle au­di­ences all over the world with it for the rest of his ca­reer. Maybe a sil­ver lin­ing awaits Kozłowski too.

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