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Syd Dan­ger is a graphic de­signer and il­lus­tra­tor who's not afraid to spill a lit­tle ink. She en­joys mix­ing tra­di­tional and dig­i­tal medi­ums. She also puts Geist to­gether. Jani­eta Eyre is a pho­tog­ra­pher whose work has been shown widely, in­clud­ing in Italy, Ger­many, Spain, Ice­land, Eastern Europe, Korea, the United States and Canada. She lives in Toronto.

David Leventi is an Amer­i­can pho­tog­ra­pher, rec­og­nized for his abil­ity to cap­ture ar­chi­tec­tural in­te­ri­ors. Leventi is best known for his ac­claimed se­ries OPERA, which has been ex­hib­ited in­ter­na­tion­ally and ap­pears on pp. 41–46. Stephen Os­borne was pub­lisher of Geist for its first twenty-five years. He is the award win­ning writer of Ice & Fire: Dis­patches from the New World and dozens of shorter works in an­tholo­gies and pe­ri­od­i­cals. Read more of his work at Dear Anne,

Thanks for your note and com­mit­ment to to­ponymi­cal ac­cu­racy!

There is a spot, close to 18th Av­enue and just be­fore (whilst head­ing south) the Vic­to­ria Drive Di­ver­sion, where there is in­deed a Com­mer­cial Street, just off of Com­mer­cial Drive. It’s funny that you men­tion this, as sev­eral of our proof­read­ers spot­ted this think­ing it was an er­ror as well! Thank good­ness for in­trepid fact check­ers and at­ten­tive read­ers!

Still un­afraid of Cana­dian place-names,

Dear Edi­tors,

I'm glad your proof­read­ers were alert (though wrong, like me). I'm sur­prised you haven't heard from more read­ers.

I checked a map and now I'm to­tally con­fused. I don't re­mem­ber a Vic­to­ria Drive Di­ver­sion. I re­mem­ber a Com­mer­cial Drive Di­ver­sion—a dead-end af­ter the traf­fic from Com­mer­cial Drive gets fun­neled onto Vic­to­ria. But this map I'm con­sult­ing would put the “Com­mer­cial Div.” (which I as­sume means “Com­mer­cial Di­ver­sion”) be­tween Ge­or­gia and Ven­ables!? My map shows that, in­deed, there is a Com­mer­cial Street, af­ter the Vic­to­ria Div., that does not dead-end but goes on as far as 54th Av­enue! Now, I might have thought the Com­mer­cial Di­ver­sion dead-ended a few blocks south of Broad­way be­cause it does not con­nect di­rectly with Com­mer­cial Street, but I have a dis­tinct mem­ory of this stump of the Drive—south of Broad­way, nowhere near Ven­ables—be­ing la­belled "Com­mer­cial Di­ver­sion" on the street sign over forty years ago. So, ei­ther I’m go­ing dotty or some­thing’s been re­named.

So, my apolo­gies to Stephen Os­borne, given that there is, in­deed, a Com­mer­cial Street, in sight of the Sky­train track, where he ev­i­dently lived in a leaky condo.

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