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1 Ooh la la, Bub­bles! It must be spring! 5 They tapped into a lot of con­tain­ers so

they could in­crease their liq­uid as­sets 9 De­spite all these an­gry wars, Ross liked to drink on his skinny lit­tle lawn. Too bad about the quick­sil­ver! (2)

12 In 2001 he told us that hunt­ing in

Saskatchewan is fool­proof

13 When he turns around, that heavy­weight

is SO neg­a­tive

14 It’s clearly Cana­dian to cap­ture it in

plas­tic and then sell it

15 When the peo­ple en­coun­tered ki­wis,

their trou­bles be­gan

16 Re­lax on the di­van while I bring you

some­thing de­li­cious to eat

18 In Bri­tain, new­com­ers of­ten think first,

talk next (ab­brev)

19 The talker won but then he got mixed

up with that stom­ach bug (ab­brev) 22 They think Wavy Gravy is pretty saucy

on the wa­ter

23 On grass, he of­ten veers to the right

be­fore com­pletely dis­ap­pear­ing

25 Don’t close your cre­ation sys­tem un­til

you’re free to start (ab­brev)

26 Is there a chance that Fran­cis called me on his cell when he fin­ished his world tour?

27 I fired up Bar­bie and she got rid of her


29 Once he was fin­ished be­ing re­born, he

was per­fect!

30 Are there any reme­dies that will make

the world feel bet­ter?

31 There were too many of them to fit in

the Chevy and visit the piers

33 Sounds like they were planted be­fore the

Queen’s grab

34 Even a frayed shirt cuff ex­hausted him 35 In New Zealand, I drink rum and cut

down tall trees

36 I am saucy in Span­ish but I’ve also been

to China

37 For hip­sters the trendi­est is barely



1 Straighten the top bale and then we’ll be able to drink

2 Why did the GOP ar­chiv­ist fry all those parts and who made all their wrongs pub­lic? (3)

3 Molly has 3 plas­tic bot­tles and Johnny has two. What’s the to­tal? (2)

4 We’ve set aside a few spe­cial places for you, but you’ll have to drink only the best wine!

5 When we saw the tabby undo a cru­cial knot we had to loosen up and chat about it (2)

6 We made a few bucks on the Riviera when we put the queen on the schooner (4)

7 It’s crazy that queens spend so much time at the back

8 Is it corny to wait ’til it drops be­fore drink­ing it?

10 Frank was in the pack when Jimmy killed a dirty one

11 Amaz­ing! One of those re­versibles re­ally im­presses them

17 Nei­ther Pierre nor I liked that pes­simistic movie

20 At the shore, waves go over and around 21 As I lie dazed, his per­fec­tion seemed ex­cel­lent

24 God for­give her for those mis­takes 26 When they feel drained, they al­ways elect losers

27 Af­ter the job, the road crew got along bet­ter 28 She had diamonds but he had six squares, plus they need a cold drink (2) 31 In Al­berta they are de­voted to a rigid unit (ab­brev)

32 My agent put his phone in his shoe when he got in the car

33 They’re not hered­i­tary but most are men in suits (ab­brev) There was no win­ner for Puzzle 106.

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