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For those as­tute read­ers who have no­ticed that our spring is­sue is com­ing out in what is, cal­en­dri­cally speak­ing, sum­mer, per­haps this photo will ex­cuse our tar­di­ness in some small way. You see, the Geist of­fice is reached by push­ing the glow­ing green but­ton (pic­tured at right) and trav­el­ling by el­e­va­tor to the

2nd Floor/al­ter­nate Floor as in­di­cated by the sign just be­neath the but­tons.

Now, de­spite the fact that Geist has been pro­duced in the very same of­fice on this 2nd Floor/al­ter­nate Floor for nigh on eight years, and de­spite the fact that sig­nage has been posted re­gard­ing the lo­ca­tion in space of the Geist of­fice, pre­sum­ably for our en­tire ten­ancy, it ob­vi­ously was not spe­cific enough. None of us had no­ticed or re­al­ized that we may have been work­ing on the Al­ter­nate Floor—as op­posed to just the plain old 2nd Floor—the whole time. To date, none of us truly un­der­stands where this Al­ter­nate Floor is. Or per­haps it’s the lo­ca­tion of the 2nd Floor that’s un­clear, who’s to say? Ei­ther way, you can imag­ine how jar­ring that must have been to dis­cover. As any­one fa­mil­iar with a rel­a­tivis­tic con­cep­tion of the uni­verse doubt­less knows, com­pli­cated things hap­pen when the three di­men­sions of space and one di­men­sion of time (that we know of, and which, ac­cord­ing to some quan­tum the­ory, may or may not be ad­e­quate in scope or even “real” as we com­monly un­der­stand the word) are amal­ga­mated into a sin­gle four-di­men­sional con­tin­uum. Trust us, it’s heavy. If one is not en­tirely sure where one is, can one pos­si­bly know when one is?

In any case, Geist 108 is here, now.

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