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THE PROB­LEM WITH ‘PROBLEMATIC’: The blan­ket word is problematic: such and such a char­ac­ter or sit­u­a­tion is problematic. BTC GOLD LAUNCH IS ERRATIC & PROBLEMATIC, LEAVES COM­MU­NITY FRUS­TRATED: Bit­coin

Gold has been a very con­tro­ver­sial project from day one. THE PROBLEMATIC DELI AND ‘HID­DEN’ BAR OF SEATTLE’S NEW BY THE POUND: Capi­tol Hill’s new By the Pound is a deli that’s also get­ting in on the very long tail end (if it’s even still there) of the “speakeasy” trend. THE RE­TURN OF DR. DISRESPECT IS JOY­OUS FOR SOME BUT

PROBLEMATIC FOR OTH­ERS: Dr. Disrespect in­fa­mously ad­mit­ted to be­ing un­faith­ful to his wife, live on stream­ing, dur­ing a broad­cast on De­cem­ber 14th, 2017. 11 SIGNS THESE FA­MOUS MEN WERE PROBLEMATIC BE­FORE #METOO: When some­one shows you who they are, be­lieve them. PROBLEMATIC WOMEN: SHOULD GUN RIGHTS

BE IN­CLUDED IN #METOO?: Face­book and Google cre­ate a new dating pol­icy, men say they're now un­com­fort­able in­ter­act­ing with women in the work­place, and conservative women say #Time­sup is get­ting po­lit­i­cal by hir­ing Anita Hill. FORMING RO­MAN­TIC RE­LA­TION­SHIPS MIGHT BE PROBLEMATIC FOR SEX­IST MEN: Re­search has re­vealed

that sex­ist men feel threat­ened by women no mat­ter how much they deny it. MCWILLIAMS: IN LIT­ER­A­TURE, IT IS PROBLEMATIC TO HAVE SEXUALITY AS A MAIN IDEN­TITY: In 2007, JK Rowl­ing re­vealed that Al­bus Dum­ble­dore, Harry’s men­tor, was gay and was in love with the new fran­chise vil­lain Grindel­wald. A FEM­I­NIST’S GUIDE TO

ROM-COMS AND HOW TO WATCH THEM: Ro­man­tic come­dies, par­tic­u­larly “the clas­sics” of the genre, can be problematic by to­day's stan­dards of fem­i­nism. 5 BOLLYWOOD FILMS THAT HAD RE­ALLY PROBLEMATIC HEROES: Oc­ca­sion­ally we get to watch se­ri­ously well-thought out and nu­anced sto­ries come out of Bollywood. YES, FRIENDS IS

PROBLEMATIC, BUT LET’S NOT BEAT A DEAD HORSE: In­stead of fix­at­ing on all the ways old shows and movies don’t hold up to cur­rent so­cial stan­dard, fo­cus your at­ten­tion on the here and now. WHY THREE BILLBOARDS IS A PROBLEMATIC, FAUX PRO­GRES­SIVE MESS: It can be seen as a movie more con­cerned with hu­man­iz­ing white su­prem­a­cists

than ad­vanc­ing any worth­while virtue. WILL THE NFL FIND A WAY TO FIX ITS PROBLEMATIC CATCH RULE? The NFL plans on ad­dress­ing what is and is not a catch dur­ing this off­sea­son. AS FACE­BOOK PROFIT SOARS, SOME WILL GO TO POLIC­ING ‘PROBLEMATIC CON­TENT’: Face­book CEO Mark Zucker­berg said Wed­nes­day that the

com­pany is se­ri­ous about prevent­ing abuse and that its in­vest­ments in keep­ing “problematic con­tent” off its so­cial net­work will af­fect its prof­itabil­ity. MON­TREAL CON­FER­ENCE AD­DRESSES PROBLEMATIC AR­TI­FI­CIAL IN­TEL­LI­GENCE IS­SUES: Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence has the power to elim­i­nate mun­dane jobs and cre­ate tremen­dous wealth, but it could

also lead to wide­spread un­em­ploy­ment and re­in­force ex­ist­ing in­equal­i­ties. ALEXA’S NEW TEXT MES­SAG­ING FEA­TURE HAS ONE PROBLEMATIC IS­SUE: Once you’ve dic­tated a mes­sage, Alexa doesn’t bother to read it back to you be­fore send­ing. GOOGLE RE­MOVED 700,000 PROBLEMATIC APPS FROM ITS ANDROID PLAY STORE IN 2017: The

sheer num­ber of bad apps and bad peo­ple up­load­ing them should serve as a warn­ing to all Android users who have not yet done so to in­stall se­cu­rity soft­ware. LET­TER: RU­RAL SNOW CLEAR­ING PROBLEMATIC: As a res­i­dent of Blind Bay, I have never seen such shoddy snow clear­ing as this year. PROBLEMATIC FAVES: FROM DUSK TILL DAWN:

Be­ing a woman who loves pop cul­ture is an of­ten-fraught life where you are con­stantly con­fronted with sto­ries, themes and de­pic­tions re­mind­ing you of how much damage the pa­tri­archy causes. FACE­BOOK TRIALS DOWN­VOTE BUT­TON FOR UNSAVOURY COM­MENTS: Face­book has been test­ing a down­vote but­ton, al­low­ing users to flag a

com­ment to the plat­form as po­ten­tially problematic. AS A BLACK WOMAN, EV­ERY­THING I LOVE IS PROBLEMATIC: Bri­tish pe­riod pieces are one of my many problematic weak­nesses. PADMAN, PERIODS AND HOL­LY­WOOD'S PROBLEMATIC STEREOTYPING OF MENSTRUATING WOMEN: With Twin­kle Khanna-pro­duced Padman hit­ting

the the­atres next week, the di­a­logue around men­stru­a­tion has seem­ingly be­come more open with the #Pad­man­chal­lenge tak­ing over so­cial me­dia. KATY PERRY AD­MITS ‘I KISSED A GIRL’ LYRICS ARE PROBLEMATIC: Katy Perry has said that she would re­write her break­through hit 'I Kissed A Girl' if she could, ad­mit­ting that the lyrics con­tain “a

couple of stereo­types.” GOOD FOOD AND THE PROBLEMATIC SEARCH FOR AUTHEN­TIC­ITY: How many times have you eaten at the Olive Gar­den and not thought twice about their menu of­fer­ing “au­then­tic Ital­ian food” or vis­ited Agra In­dian Restau­rant in Tarzana, whose web­site of­fers “Au­then­tic In­dian Cui­sine as Seen on Keep­ing up with

the Kar­dashi­ans?” PROBLEMATIC PRONOUN POLI­CIES PRES­SURE STU­DENTS TO DE­FINE GEN­DER IDEN­TITY: Within the last decade, col­leges across the na­tion have in­sti­tuted var­i­ous prac­tices and poli­cies on cam­pus to ac­com­mo­date trans­gen­der, non-bi­nary, and gen­der­fluid stu­dents.

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