The GEIST Cryptic Cross­word

Geist - - The Wall -

Pre­pared by Me­an­dri­cus Send a copy of your com­pleted puz­zle, along with your name and ad­dress, to: Puz­zle #108 GEIST

210-111 West Hast­ings St. Van­cou­ver, B.C. V6B 1H4

Fax 604-677-6319 The win­ner will be se­lected at ran­dom from cor­rect solutions re­ceived and will be awarded a one-year sub­scrip­tion to Geist. Good luck!


1 On Asian NBC they talked softly about

recre­ational ac­tiv­i­ties

5 Hey man, that tube is a cool way to pipe


8 Doc started it by blow­ing things up un­til

his dog got silly

10 Why does he al­ways com­plain that he’s

out of wa­ter?

12 This op­er­a­tion needs red and blue to

ma­ture with less weight (2)

15 My smoker friends drink Amer­i­can style 16 It’s so cool that he ate no Chee­rios

17 Did Hawk­eye drink rope tea be­fore he

made the cut?

19 It’s a groovy sit­u­a­tion. Do you get it? 20 Those gi­ant Mon­go­lians just don’t shut up! 23 Take these by mouth or else bid on the


27 The re­deemer’s fans went crazy over a

re­frig­er­ated con­tainer!

30 The con­duc­tor told me to jump when I

saw that fancy “S”

31 When we go home, Lenny’s boy sings 33 Was Dropsy the dwarf who col­lected


35 Ac­cord­ing to my only friend, the doors

fi­nally pointed to this

36 What rules for mov­ing records? (ab­brev) 37 Wrap that sa­cred plant in pa­per—it’s good

for your joints

39 An ethic scam might draw the sys­tem down 43 Sounds like we should spread that semi­le­gal ex­tract on bread

46 Hey, don’t hog all the sun­flower seeds! 47 In Libya, it can be hard to tell a sheep

from a goat

48 The graph started with sev­eral side-by­side sen­tences

49 Mary al­ways gets a big gang to­gether for

the re­demp­tion

50 Were there any spi­ders in the drug­store? 51 The bell rang at 5


1 In July, ev­ery­one rushes head­long to town,

and that’s no bull

2 He said he wasn’t a crook but Ger­ald said


3 Stan was bonier at the lower range

4 Do you sus­pire when you are de­feated by


6 Did it pop into your head or did it re­ally


7 Can you dash to the store and pick up some join­ing com­pound?

8 Anne used to play to full houses but now she’s re­tired (ab­brev)

9 I got my selfie a long time ear­lier so I’m not wait­ing in line now! (ab­brev)

11 Ini­tially, it was an al­ter­na­tive cursed let­ter col­lec­tion (ab­brev)

13 I heard that an Ethiopian took some days off to smoke Ken’s weed

14 She toed a fern down un­der

15 Could you get that Is­raeli to start a binge? 18 The pad­dle­ways are a waste of time (2) 21 Do they ex­ist?

22 In Trois Rivières there are lots of let­ters for col­lege (ab­brev)

24 Take aim when you sweat like that

25 It bugs me that they sang about that pre­cious delu­sional girl in the air (ab­brev) 26 That group is still up in the air about the Euro (ab­brev)

28 How can your en­emy be pals with our planet?

29 We thought we saw a noc­tur­nal crawler at the end of smoke break 30 The flow­ers were se­cretly planted in the couch (2)

32 She’s al­ways catch­ing ro­dents with her pointer

34 At south­ern sites, a nap is rec­om­mended 38 If you in­her­ited an al­tered sys­tem, maybe you shouldn’t eat that (ab­brev)

39 A fu­tur­ist could re­ar­range dried flow­ers 40 Who knew that her­ring could fill the space of a full-grown poet!

41 Like Sam, the doc­tor added a let­ter and got a rhymi­cal unit

42 Start by pre­serv­ing the cold peo­ple

44 Those guys get forced out all the time 45 That fisher has a light touch with the putty

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