The GEIST Cryptic Crossword

Geist - - The Wall - Pre­pared by Me­an­dri­cus

Send a copy of your com­pleted puz­zle, along with your name and ad­dress, to:

Puz­zle #109 GEIST 210-111 West Hast­ings St. Van­cou­ver, B.C. V6B 1H4 Fax 604-677-6319

The win­ner will be se­lected at ran­dom from cor­rect so­lu­tions re­ceived and will be awarded a one-year sub­scrip­tion to Geist. Good luck!


1 When Mr. King sang for the kids his side­kick had to warn them first

4 It was crazy! We cooled off the horses, then they ate brown­ies

8 In fu­ture, don’t let Stan­ley show us nasty in­ner work­ings (ab­brev)

10 Po­ets, es­say­ists and novelists love us­ing Mag­gie’s long one

11 The web lord is not even raised as high as a yokel

14 At the movie, the cho­rus mem­ber heard his growl

15 That old cow should try va­p­ing!

16 Af­ter Car­men meets with the bar­ber she will sing a dif­fer­ent tune

17 Roger, Nov will be fine for tak­ing over that state

20 Give me some wig­gle room or this may go side­ways

21 He’s go­ing to get it when he comes back from the bath­room for the 100th time

23 Ac­cord­ing to Marty, Robert’s raw yarn was

brown­ish grey and dif­fi­cult to han­dle (2)

27 Scot­land’s go­ing to be a gong show so be

sure to wear a hat

28 Let’s drum up some en­thu­si­asm for hats in

Mon­treal this sum­mer

30 That’s my cool dude sib­ling

32 When they signed my let­ter in acid, I went


34 Cass was a fighter when shop­ping with Baba

35 Den­nis once baked an al­li­ga­tor

36 I heard that Lang’s Amer­i­can idol was no sucker

38 If it’s not a Honda, I’m at a loss as to how to catch one

40 Out west they con­trol the drinks (ab­brev)

41 My grand­mother rang me to say she was get­ting a sports car

42 In this ex­er­cise, ter­res­trial time usu­ally comes be­fore your vi­tal force

43 One of those guys had quite a beef with Al­ber­tans

44 Oh dear, have they been wan­der­ing around the stove? (3)


1 I got tied up as she was lur­ing me in

2 It bugs me when I hear that warm metal made them happy

3 Ev­ery­one went to the bar in an English car

4 Ac­cord­ing to the Dutch­man, those guys up north never get high (2) (ab­brev)

5 With your pen, please cir­cle the wag­ons

6 That global group of Sher­lock­ians make a pile of money

7 The odd gay one lays around in the heat (2)

9 When the cop woke up she hired some­one to push their fin­ger into An­gus

12 Our dresser con­tains the world’s re­pro­cessed stuff (ab­brev)

13 I can’t think of any­thing but the en­thu­si­asm of those guides who are com­ing out into the sun

14 At the opera he made a big to-do just be­fore the aria

15 We tried to train the hired hand to get them off the track

18 At 8 I’ll have a taco

19 Sam took care of his van trim in the bunny park

22 Dale sang all the happy ones to us

23 Don’t panic, we can still get oiled in cow­town

24 Sounds like that cow­boy was a good singer but his act­ing was a bit wooden

25 Looks like there’s a lot of bull go­ing around. Good thing it’s not my first

26 That pan flute plays salty stuff but it’s sup­posed to be good for us!

29 I’m a teen so let’s have a smoke at the movie this af­ter­noon

30 Did you ever see a wa­ter­melon down by the store?

31 Let’s get lubed up with Harry’s favourite cola in town

33 If we cozy up to them we’ll get wet

37 Let’s take that dirt bag home. I re­ally dig him!

39 I was marginally up­set that I took the bait in my teeth (2)

40 Let’s take out the bacon and add some of that bulb (ab­brev)

41 Where does ev­ery­one in On­tario eat coleslaw these days? (ab­brev)

There was no win­ner for Puz­zle 108.

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