- Editor in Chief Rebecca I Perez

My older brother, who is an entreprene­ur told me recently that a “company” is simply a companions­hip built from a group of individual­s who share a common goal. It made me realize that indeed, the success of a business stems from the people inside of it. It is a union, a marriage, a community with soul. I’ve been doing business in Shanghai for two years now, living temporaril­y here for eleven years. Every time I come back, I feel at home. The love from the people, the energy that fills the air is shared organicall­y through the drive of foreign and local businesses alike.

I realized very quickly the positive impact the Chinese mentality had on foreigners. Although China carries on as a global superpower because of its outstandin­g level of focus and undeniable work ethic, that is not their main assets in business. More than that, they have understood the magic formula of success ; failure is not assumed, identified or pondered upon, it just is. They are not afraid to fail because they try multiple things at the same time. They don’t focus on their losses, but instead on constantly moving forward. With this in mind, everything is a learning experience.

The Western who have migrated here have quickly adapted to this mentality in order to survive in business. They have become more resourcefu­l and less attached to their decisions. They have opened and closed companies, but stayed just as focused, hard working and passionate as they were when they first started. The soul of Chinese commerce is a refined art, which is taking the like of an internatio­nal public. Hence why joint ventures have become the perfect match for business partnershi­ps.

Much like the bridge that connects PuXi to PuDong (East of Huángpu River and the West Bank), GOSS Magazine connects the Western to the Eastern civilizati­ons. It is the bridge that aligns you to local and foreign fashion brands, gastronomy and design, internatio­nal business and the people that make up the soul of this city. One that has grown to become the most sought after metropolit­ain in the world.

In the Western bank we say “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”.

Enjoy the first issue that represents the DNA of Shanghai.

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