Charlotta Gandolfo created her own fashion brand, that has exploded on the Chinese market now expanding internatio­nally. In just one year, she created a brand beyond a vision. One whose tagline remains true to herself, we are not tourists, we are travellers.

Originally from Sweden, Gandolfo has been living as an expat in Shanghai for the last ten years. From an economics and finance background, she never imagined that design would’ve been such a crucial part of her life looking back now.

“I always worked in public relations, for corporate positions. I was appointed one of the top players under 40. It was a great career, [although] I worked 80 hours a week for years. That job demanded a lot of traveling, having that level of work didn’t allow for much freedom [to do anything else]”.

After over a decade in the corporate world, she left her job in search for more.

“First I traveled, went to North Korea. It was not planned, I just decided I wanted to [start my own brand]. I tested items with some friends. I launched my first collection in 2018.

Since then, her brand has been featured all over fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolit­an, and worn by celebritie­s worldwide.

“I remember at first, it was a nightmare. I had no expertise, no connection­s just the creative vision of what this brand would become. I always stayed positive because I know nothing that is worse having comes easy. I think that is my superpower, knowing how to get things done. I said it out loud for the first time. Then I just broke it down. It’s not about starting a global company, it’s about taking small steps towards a bigger goal. First, I asked can I do it? So I created 3-4 pieces test items. Then can I sell them? Can I scale this up? Can I produce it? I started with 1,000 items. Now 4-5,000 items.

When you’re in fashion, you can do it in different ways. Customers want A, B and C. The only way I can differenti­ate myself is my brand. I find what I want. I choose, this is what I find beautiful, I stand behind my products 100%. If there’s small changes, I adjust but I’m not the fabric market. I don’t want to be a clothing manufactur­e.

My strength in this, that my vision of style is very well defined. My brand caters to specific market of leaders within their fields, creatives, entreprene­urs. Women who are confident, who inspire others to strive.

What is your vision for the brand ?

To make the world more beautiful with my creations because that is my viewpoint of what beauty and elegance is.

What does success represent to you ?

On a profession­al level, I want my brand to be a global brand. I want for the type of women that I am targeting to know the brand and love the brand. On a personal level, I think I’m close to it already it is to do what I love, to be responsibl­e for my own vision and to be able to control my own time. That is the definition of true success. To own my time so I can divide it between the creation that I love so much and also family and friends. That is true success to me.

Charlotta Gandolfo开创­的同名时尚品牌,不仅席卷了中国市场,现在也在向国际扩张。在一年的时间里,她打造了一个超越想象­的品牌。品牌的标语是她所坚信­的,那就是,我们不是游客,而是旅行者(we are not tourists, we are travelers)。













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