Born in Taiwan and working in the fashion field for more than 20 years, Josephine studied brand and design at the London Fashion Institute (LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION) and completed a master’s degree in fashion management at the INSTITUTE MARANGONI. Josephine is not only the founder of a fashion brand, but has also been busy managing real estate and project investment­s in many countries, including Japan, Thailand, Australia and London. Josephine also loves to travel and collect art, and is committed to being a fashion life enthusiast, but the most important and most meaningful thing for her is to spend time with her family and children.

出生台湾Ꟁ在时尚领域工作20多­年ꟀJosephine 在伦敦时装学院䩛LO­NDON COLLEGE OF FASHION䩜钻研­品牌与设计Ꟁ并于在马兰格尼研究所­䩛INSTITUTE MARANGONI䩜­完成时尚管理硕士学位­ꞭꟀJosephine 不仅是一位时尚品牌的­创始人Ꟁ也一直忙于管理许多国­家的房地产和项目投资Ꟁ包括日本Ꟁ泰国和澳洲及伦敦等ꞭꟀJosephine 也热爱旅游和收藏艺术­品Ꟁ致力当一个时尚生活美­学家Ꟁ不过对她来说最重要也­最有意义的事还是把时­间陪伴家庭和孩子

What was the path that led you to owning your own business ?

In fact, when I was very young, I had an indescriba­ble bond with fashion design. When I was four years old, one of my aunts gave me my first necklace. I cherished it more than any other tangible asset I had. I kept it around my neck, and I felt strong. I felt alive. Ever since then I’ve had an eye for jewelry and design. Then from the modelling industry, I also slowly came into contact with the entire fashion industry. I saw more behindthe-scenes creativity and manufactur­ing. It was also an opportunit­y for me to flow with my instincts and develop my own style.When I was 18, I went to Tokyo to teach jewelry design and help my friends design things. I never wavered about the choice of fashion design. At that time, all my dreams and goals were to make a brand of jewelry and accessorie­s, to do something interestin­g and creative, around my little girl’s time. Dream. Now, with the birth of JOSPHERE, my dream is finally coming true.

What inspires you ?

I am very fortunate to have a harmonious family and a beautiful relationsh­ip with my children. This has brought me a lot of emotion and energy. It also made me feel the true meaning of love. Really, I think “love” can be said to be the most beautiful feeling in the world. Words, whether it is love between family members or love between friends, are important elements of this beautiful world. At the moment, many things I have done are based on [love]. You can see that JOSPHERE is also constantly participat­ing in various charities and events. I hope that we, as a brand can constantly bring feeling, love and strength to others, which is what I have been looking forward to do. I built a brand not just for me, but also to give modern women an outlet to express themselves. The meaning of accessorie­s is very big, people use it to express their own personalit­y, I think the so-called personalit­y is to be yourself and discover your own heart. In modern society, everyone can show themselves boldly. I hope that consumers can gain confidence and charm from our products, accept themselves, show themselves, and shine.

What does success look like to you ? When did you truly feel successful ?

At all times, insist that the initial heart does not shake the changes for the outside world.其实在我很小的时候Ꟁ就冥冥之中和时尚设计­结下了不解之缘Ꟁ四岁时Ꟁ我的一个阿姨送了我人­生中的第一条项链Ꟁ那时候的很多事情我早­已记不太清楚Ꟁ但这个项链却一直让我­记忆犹新Ꟁ仿佛是对我开启了一扇­大门Ꟁ自 此 就对珠宝配饰非常关注­Ɬ恰好从模特行业我也­慢慢接触到了整个时尚­行业Ꟁ看见了更多幕后的创意­和制造等一切东西Ꟁ也是这个契机Ꟁ让我就顺其自然的凭着­自己的直觉Ꟁ走上了自己选择的时尚­道路Ɬ十八岁的时候我­就去过东京上关于珠宝­设计的课Ꟁ帮 朋 友设计东西Ɬ到伦敦留­学时也是从未动摇过关­于时尚设计的选择Ꟁ当时所有的梦想和目标­就是Ꟁ以后一定要做一个珠宝­和配饰的品牌Ꟁ做一些有意思的有创意­的东西Ꟁ来圆自己小女孩时期的­梦Ɬ而如今Ꟁ随着乔丝斐JOSPH­ERE的诞生Ꟁ我的梦想也算是开始起­航Ɬ

我很幸运的拥有和谐的­家庭和美好的亲子关系Ꟁ这给我带来了很多感动­与能量Ꟁ也让我感受到了爱的真­谛Ꟁ真的Ꟁ我觉得ꟃ爱Ꞔ可以说是­世界上最美好的字眼Ꟁ无论是家人之间的爱还­是朋友之间的爱Ꟁ都是构成了这个美好世­界的重要元素Ɬ到了现­在Ꟁ我做的很多事情都是以­䦵爱䦶为出发点Ꟁ可以看到乔丝斐JOS­PHERE也在不断参­加各种慈善Ꟁ包括各种拍卖会Ꟁ基金组织Ꟁ公益活动等等Ꟁ我希望我们是有温度的­一个品牌Ꟁ能够不断给别人也带来­感动Ꟁ爱心和力量Ꟁ这也是我一直以来的期­盼Ɬ 我打造品牌不是仅从我­个人出发Ꟁ也 是 想 要给现代女性带来更多­可以表达自己的东西Ɬ­配饰的意义是很大的Ꟁ人们用它来表达自己的­个性Ꟁ我觉得所谓个性就是做­自己Ꟁ发掘自己的本心Ɬ在现­代社会Ꟁ每个人都可以很大胆地­去展示自己Ɬ我希望消­费者能够从我们的产品­里获得自信和魅力Ꟁ接受自己Ꟁ展现自己Ꟁ从而光芒万丈Ɬ


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