Sharon Raccah is a woman of many talents; she speaks six languages fluently, she has a Masters in Graphic Design, has lived in some of the trendiest cities in the world, from New York to Miami to Hong Kong and is a certified health coach. On top of that impressive resumé she is also the Founder of Power Me Healthy; a lifestyle nutritious brand based out of Shanghai.

Why and when did you decide to launch PMH?

Power Me Healthy (PMH) started three years ago. Originally I wanted to lose weight for myself. I started researchin­g about how to change my lifestyle. I wanted to eat better and feel better about myself. Once I started doing that, I wanted to share it with other people. I had more energy, I was generally living a happier, healthier lifestyle. I lost 25 pounds and I’ve never felt better! My purpose is to go around the world, spread the word about healthy eating - and not only healthy eating because it’s good for you and you’re going to lose weight but because I truly believe, that what you eat can either heal you or kill you. That has become my purpose. I teach people through my health coaching how to go from decadent chocolate cake to my home made energy balls, or home made chocolate. I don’t believe that you should completely change what you eat in order to lose weight, you just need to cut out certain ingredient­s from your diet.

How can you define your brand ?

PMH is a place where women can get the right tools to change their nutritiona­l lifestyle and empower them to lead a healthier life. Our services include one on one health coaching, cooking classes, detox packages, and workshops on nutrition.

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