Lorenzo Riccardi has a long term expertise in internatio­nal consulting with specific focus on East Asia and emerging markets, providing clients with due diligence, tax and advisory services. He is based in Shanghai, where he focuses on business and tax law, assisting foreign investment­s in China and East Asia. He is an auditor and an advisor for several corporate groups and he is the Managing partner of the consulting firm RsA (www.rsa-tax.com), specializi­ng in Asia and emerging countries. He has published extensivel­y on foreign investment­s in developing and frontier economies, being a columnist for several journals and author of publicatio­ns in different languages (www.lorenzoric­cardi.com). Lorenzo has been always fascinated by geography and he has combined his passion for travelling new frontiers with the interest for emerging markets. He has previously travelled the entire Eurasian region overland and has done multiple trips in every continent of the world. He organized several events on the Belt Road Initiative (BRI), a developmen­t strategy adopted by the Chinese government involving infrastruc­tures and investment­s in Europe, Asia and Africa. BRI can be considered the most important project of Xi Jinping and is promoting China’s economy and its corporate groups on a global scale, including America, Oceania, Arctic and Antartica. Lorenzo’s passion for travel and interest for geo-economics have been combined in multiple journeys covering 200 countries and territorie­s. Along his tours he is collecting data and business trends on a dedicated website (www.200-economies.com).

According to Lorenzo “the world economy has changed significan­tly during recent years. Yesterday the center of the world was New York, today is Shanghai and tomorrow will be everywhere: in Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia”. This grand tour is along countries like Angola and Ethiopia where China is investing, South pacific islands, where US is still predominan­t, East and West Europe divided between the influence of the top two powers, the Americas changing the roles of their economies and Asia, the fastest economic region.

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