Internatio­nal real estate lawyer, David Ghavitian can provide services in Asia for locals that are looking to set up investment­s in Canada. With over a decade of experience as a lawyer, he brings an internatio­nal level of expertise that seldom have in Shanghai. From his words :

My practice is heavily accentuate­d on foreign real estate investors. Our province has so much to offer in terms of education, affordabil­ity and opportunit­y that I wanted to make sure that if my investor clients could come here, I would be at the forefront of not only helping them find such opportunit­ies but to thrive as well. Macro patience with micro speed. Everyone is impatient at the macro level. A lot of people tell themselves this is where I want to be in five years but what are they doing now to get there? I’m someone who’s squeezing every ounce of the time I have now as I have the skill set and ambition to create opportunit­ies for myself. I’m going to achieve that level of success regardless of how that success is to be defined. Focus more on the now then on the future. I always knew I wanted to do something to help other people. I was drawn into being a lawyer to represent and be the voice of those people who wanted to express themselves but couldn’t for some reason or another. I just want my clients to resolve their challenges so they could focus on bigger and better things in life. What really gets me going are clients that just got started and are building something despite the challenges that they have. I’m growing along with them. That’s the kind of stuff I love. That’s why I enjoy being a real estate lawyer. .国际房地产律师Dav­id Ghavitian可­以为希望在加拿大设立­投资的当地人提供亚洲­服务땾凭借十多年的律­师经验땹他在上海带来­了国际水平的专业知识­땾从他的话来说땻


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