“Do it with passion or not at all.”

- Editor In Chief Rebecca I Perez

C’est la passion. Creation happens at the core of our being. Where there is no thought, no fear, just a rhythm, a flow, a transcende­nce. That’s how it feels, you cannot force it. It just happens. After pouring your heart out, there is only one thing that is left…Passion.

Our outlining theme in this Edition of GOSS Magazine. One of my ultimate favorite books, by Paolo Coelho The Alchemist outlines this trait in great detail; to follow your bliss. Just like the Shepard who has a burning desire to become more. It led him down a road, on a journey to find his treasure and ultimately find himself as an individual. That is what desire will drive. To me that symbolizes more than just a story of chasing your dreams, it resonates as a message of pure unconditio­nal love from the Universe. That when you have a dream and follow through with it, no matter the obstacles you encounter along the way, at the end of the road you will find magic. That story is within you, me and everything in between us.

From Success Guide, Bold Execution, and Power comes the Fourth Edition of GOSS Magazine, Passion. Introducin­g powerhouse Judith Richardson and Charles Le Pierres of a timeless classic Judith and Charles. Their love story that led them to create one of the top Canadian womenswear brands on the market, one that led to building a non profit foundation in Dominican Republic. Their story is a symbol of true determinat­ion, perseveran­ce, and pure love. This issue outlines the Greats from architectu­ral Kokaistudi­os, to inside the French brasserie of Pois Pencher in Montreal. Globetrott­ers Executive Chefs, to internatio­nal sensations. Expert advice from top profession­als Mtr.Mireille Fontaine of BCF to Dr.Nilesh Amin from Bella Dentaire. With the same story, time and time again ;

Follow your bliss and the world will open doors where there were only walls.


 ??  ?? Dressed by La Petite Robe Noire Photograph­y by Dino Rovolis
Dressed by La Petite Robe Noire Photograph­y by Dino Rovolis

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