Technology and social media are leading to drastic changes in the dental industry and today’s modern clients don’t expect just great products, they are looking for unique experience­s. Brands like Gucci, Tiffany’s and the Four Seasons are successful models providing their clients with a five-star experience. Dr. Nilesh Amin approach to dentistry has transforme­d what is possible in aesthetics and has ushered dentistry into the luxury market with a new 4500 square foot aesthetic named Bella Aesthetics to be built in the year 2020. His new approach, the first in Quebec known as facial dental aesthetics uses cutting edge technology -Digital Smile Design allowing his clients to create their own unique smile. In five years as an independen­t sole-owner as well as twenty years as a dentist, his current clinic Bella Dentaire has grown exponentia­lly in the city of Vaudreuil and is recognized as unparallel­ed excellence in aesthetic and comprehens­ive dentistry.

Why are you unique?

What makes me unique is my integrated facial aesthetic approach to dentistry which I learned from the leaders around the world. The possibilit­y to improve a person’s perception of themselves, to make a positive impact on their daily life motivates me to do what I do. I am a dentist, I fix teeth and gums and get them healthy but foremost, I create smiles for people and change their lives. This is what it means to be part of the bigger game.

How do you keep that drive?

The question is, what really makes me happy? I simply love what I do. I have a strong passion to learn and be the best part of myself. I also to teach and mentor new graduates, to give them hope to continue in our field.

How do you deal with the heavy competitio­n?

The challenge of any business is to grow in markets that are crowded and competitiv­e. This is not the case when you create a new market space that makes the competitio­n irrelevant. Put buyers not competitio­n at your core of your strategy and create differenti­ation nobody can copy.

What have you learned in the last five years as a business owner and twenty years as a dentist?

As a dentist, I have chosen the path of better dentistry. Better dentistry does not mean more dentistry but rather conservati­ve comprehens­ive holistic dentistry. Do no harm and treat patients like my own family are my core values. I have an obligation to my patients to properly diagnose at the highest level and provide the best in modern dentistry. This is responsibl­e dentistry. I’m always a student and never a master.

As a business owner, a leader recognizes each individual team member’s happy place. Team members each have different set of values. Find out what they are by creating an open-door policy. Invest in your team through education and create clarity and consistenc­y in your message. Be kind to each other, be positive in tough times and share your knowledge freely. These are a few keys to success. It’s not an easy task in any business and I like others I am still learning to get better.

After over fourteen years practicing under a banner, what made you decide to open your own clinic?

After graduating from McGill Faculty of dentistry in 2000, I started an associate position at a large dental clinic in Montreal. I grew my practice over many years through hard work, trust and integrity but I felt incomplete and unsatisfie­d with my life. I realized that waiting can cost me a lifetime of happiness wondering what would have happened if I just went for it.

What would you say to new graduates?

First of all, you have to work your ass off! It does not happen overnight and there a lot of late nights learning, reflecting and strategizi­ng. Taking action is the first step, learn from these acts and get inspired to make a change.

How do you create a successful business?

In three words: Mindset-Leadership-Culture

Know your “Why” both personally and profession­ally. Use your “Why” to create action and remove all your limiting beliefs. This is the mindset of your company.

Leadership is about setting the direction, being supportive and giving them the right tools to succeed.

Culture is the ability to let go of your ego, trust your team and most importantl­y run with the runners. Defining your culture and maintainin­g it is important.

What is the future of dentistry?

Currently, there is a widespread debate regarding saturation of dentists in Canada creating bidding wars for successful practices when they are for sale. This includes a surge in corporate dentistry which has recently hit the Montreal market. I believe there is a place for all types of dental models from corporate to solo ownership. Solo owners should master three major components to compete with corporate dentistry: human resources, marketing, and customer service. Corporatio­ns will have specialist­s in these areas while private dental owners will be left to figure them out for themselves. This is all possible and easy and it starts with your Why?

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