My art’s motto is to live in the Moment because life is short.


An artist who has traveled long and far to bring his pieces to life, Rob mixes abstract with contempora­ry styles to create masterpiec­es.

How do you find your inspiratio­ns?

Inspiratio­n comes from everywhere which is a party of colors that blends and that are soothing to the eyes. Traveling boosts creativity as you can learn different cultures as they use gorgeous different mixes of colors they apply. Ancient calligraph­y strokes is also part of my inspiratio­n. I love to fail big, the more you fail, the more you try, the more you learn and the more you progress and succeed. Never stop pushing hard and always believe in yourself. Everything is possible, never forget that. In every field of work, there will always be people trying to bring you down, keep smiling and use it as fuel to prove them wrong. If you have that itch inside, that passion, go for it.

Describe your art?

My art’s motto is to live in the moment because life is short. So enjoy it. The positive outlook on life reflects in my art. My pieces vary from acrylic paintings to oil paintings. An interestin­g part that I do on my paintings is the finishing varnish resin high gloss that gives a reflective wet look to my pieces.

What do you see yourself experiment­ing with in the future?

Not trying to focus too much on the future as been the most rewarding thing I have been doing for few years now. Focusing on the present moment, on the now is key. Dream big and setting goals. I love to try different mediums, textures and colors.

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