It was in this philanthro­pical spirit that the Redefine Success Gala, a yearly initiative to raise funds for Charlie’s Foundation, was born. The inaugural event took place on October 17th, 2018, at the Salon Richmond in Montreal. With over 300 guests in attendance and 369 tickets sold, the Gala raised $70,000.

The event was hosted by Canadian television and radio host Isabelle Racicot and featured guest speaker Arlene Dickinson, a Canadian businesswo­men, investor, author, and television personalit­y, who discussed the importance of giving back and helping those in need:

“It was a pleasure to see so many gathered in support of Charlie’s Foundation. The event was a great opportunit­y to come together as a community and support a cause that is dear to our hearts. We cannot wait to share the news with our students and begin working towards achieving our vision.”

Perry Shak, Vice-President & Portfolio Manager, Perry Shak Group RBC Wealth Management & Co- organizer of the Redefine Success Gala, said:

“We are thrilled at the overwhelmi­ng support and response to our first Redefine Success Gala. The event was inspiring and well attended, and the proceeds raised will be impactful for Charlie’s Foundation and the kids whose futures they are working to secure.”

The proceeds raised during the event will be used to build new classrooms for the children, as well as purchase computers to enhance and expand their learning abilities.

With the second edition right around the corner, “our goal is to make a bigger impact this year and help fund our new developmen­ts at the foundation. With these funds our first priority will be to develop the 13+ program. If our mission is for our students to obtain jobs and build themselves better futures, English language skills will help them, but alone, it is not enough. In our fully developed 13+ program, we will hire the staff and purchase the resources needed to teach our students both the crucial soft skills and hard skills needed in the work place. We will set up internship programs for our students during the summers and will guide them post-high school graduation. And, we will also start to teach them about entreprene­urship. With the raised funds, we also would like to provide the students optimal conditions for learning.”

To get involved and help support Charlie’s Foundation, visit their website. Shop the latest collection of Judith & Charles at judithandc­harles.com

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