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Here are Megan Murray’s helpful tips for beginners:


• Find a character you love and don't oe too hard on yourself while making your first outfit. • Don't take yourself too seriously. You will get better the more you do it. And you can get lots of advice from cosplayers at convention­s. • The costumes are fun, but don't overlook the camaraderi­e you will Discover as you interact with other cosplayers. • Local go-to places for material and costume pieces: Len's Mill Stores, Value Village and Talize. • Try local convention­s first before diving headfirst into the big ones. • If you see somebody in costume, go .gyp and talk to them. Ask them what they're doing, ask them what character they are, if they have any tips and tricks. • You don't have to make your own costumes to be a cosplayer. "It's more about wearing them and getting into the character and being a part of the community. Just be the character and lave. fun. That's the important thing."

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