I sus­pected that Senja Is­land held con­sid­er­able po­ten­tial for new routes.

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I found out through con­ver­sa­tions with Eil­ert­sen, that for­eign­ers are heartily wel­comed. He stressed, how­ever, the im­por­tance of see­ing Senja as some­thing very spe­cial, an is­land that de­serves good, clean ad­ven­ture and should be re­served only for par­tic­u­lar climbers and ad­ven­tur­ers. It needs to be un­der­stood that ethics play an im­por­tant role; to use clean style and to play by fair means.

That was ex­actly the mes­sage that we had hoped for. My strength is do­ing de­mand­ing climb­ing in alpine ter­rain, us­ing re­mov­able pro­tec­tion. It re­minded me of the char­ac­ter of the routes from a Scot­tish win­ter.

As a warm-up we climbed Eil­ert­sen’s rec­om­men­da­tion, the Great Cor­ner, M7+, 300 m, a south­west fac­ing wall on Mt. Tebbel­tuva, its first as­cent was in 2012 by Rich Cross and Jim Bird. Not know­ing it at the time, Thomas Senf and Chris­tian Sch­le­sener suc­ceeded in the first com­plete as­cent. Nina and I climbed as the sec­ond team, but un­for­tu­nately a head­lamp was for­got­ten.

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