Hawk 10 mm Rope $195

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The Hawk’s unique sheath con­struc­tion makes it ideal for any sit­u­a­tion where a high num­ber of falls are ex­pected – think in­door climb­ing or work­ing routes. Yet un­like other ropes that claim sim­i­lar dura­bil­ity, the Hawk main­tains a very svelte 10 mm di­ame­tre and only weighs 62 g per me­tre. Re­al­iz­ing that climbers will sub­ject the Hawk to mul­ti­ple falls, Edelr id builds the rope so it de­liv­ers low im­pact forces and, in tur n, soft catches. Fi­nally, for such a durable cord, the Hawk has a surpr isingly soft hand, which sim­pli­fies han­dling, be­lay­ing and ty­ing knots.

Edel­rid Hawk 10 mm

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