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Lev Pin­ter, who was born in Cal­gary, has be­come a fix­ture in sport climb­ing. Pin­ter’s claim to fame was his first as­cent of Bunda de Fora, 5.14d, at Acephale. Pin­ter or ig­i­nally graded the route 5.14c, but the four as­cents since 2006 have added a let­ter grade, speak­ing to Pin­ter’s abil­ity. He had a cameo in Chris Shar ma’s His favour ite climb­ing spot is Mal­lorca and one of his most mem­o­rable as­cents was Lord of the Rings 5.13d, at Arapiles. He builds climb­ing walls for com­mer­cial spa­ces, such as the boul­der ing wall at the Cal­gary Climb­ing Cen­tre. He does safety in­spec­tions of ex­ist­ing walls, mostly for the Cal­gary pub­lic school board. He is a climb­ing con­sul­tant, re­cently pitch­ing a “coach’s chal­lenge” to the ufc for their show the “I built my first gym in my par­ent’s garage when I was 14.” When Pin­ter is not at his home crag of Acephale he is likely on his land at Red River Gorge.

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