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Climbers used to rack up with noth­ing but a har­ness full of solid-gate oval bin­ers. These days, there’s a draw for ev­ery dis­ci­pline, be it sport, trad, alpine or ice. Solid gate bin­ers are typ­i­cally burlier than their wire­gate coun­ter­parts, and most of­ten used in sport climb­ing, the solid gate bet­ter with­stand­ing re­peated clips into bolts and chains. Wire­gates are typ­i­cally lighter, ca­pa­ble of be­ing made smaller due to the sim­ple gate de­sign and are less prone to dirt con­tam­i­na­tion and freez­ing, mak­ing them ideal for trad, alpine or ice climb­ing use. When choos­ing a draw, pick the one that best suits your climb­ing dis­ci­pline and make sure to pay at­ten­tion to how it sits in your hand as well as the feel and ac­tion of the gates.

The Djinn’s su­perla­tive gate ac­tion makes clip­ping a breeze and the re­fined nose and top bar de­sign pre­vent snag­ging on bolts when clean­ing your route, mak­ing this a stag­ger­ingly good sport draw. A large gate open­ing and gen­er­ous rope sur­face...

The Crag In­di­ca­tor’s unique fea­ture is a built-in wear marker sewn into the sling: should the dog­bone sus­tain dam­age or abra­sion, the red core will show through, in­di­cat­ing that it’s time to change the sling. Beefy key­lock bin­ers hang on ei­ther end of...

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