Com­pres­sion Pants $140

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Climbers are not known to fol­low techy cloth­ing fads, es­pe­cial ly when it comes to things like com­pres­sion gear. More of­ten than not, most climbers are rocking jeans for men and yoga pants for the ladies. But, 2xu has been reach­ing out to ath letes of dif fer­ent spor ts to give their com­pres­sion clothes a tr y. There is in­for­ma­tion out there about why com­pres­sion pants are good and af­ter a few tr ies at the crag and post-scram­ble, we found our legs ached less than usual. It’s too soon to tel l, but climbers around the world might soon be feel­ing the stand-a lone benef its of 2xu prod­ucts. If you’re look­ing for some­thing to re­duce the pain and strain, go tr y the 2xu com­pres­sion pants this sea­son.

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