3 Climb­ing

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Put your gear rack on a diet and br ing only what you need. You’l l likely be con­str uct­ing be­lay sta­tions or sling­ing nat­u­ral fea­tures (trees or blocks), so you’ l l need a cou­ple of long cordelettes. Also, sin­gle-length slings with wire-gate cara­bin­ers are way lighter and more ver­sa­tile than quick­draws. You’l l need a light weight atc- st yle de­vice that can be used for both be­lay­ing and rap­pel ling dou­ble ropes – leave that Grigr i at home. Choose com­fort­able, sup­port­ive rock shoes that you can wear for hours at a time, not down-turned slip­pers de­signed for pimp­ing on the boul­ders. And f inal ly, you’ l l want sticky-soled ap­proach shoes or per­haps even light weight moun­tain boots (if you plan to travel on snow) that are burly enough to han­dle the ap­proach, but light enough to car r y up the climb.

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