Tips for Bet­ter Mixed Climb­ing


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Most climbers know to put rub­ber tape on the up­per grip of their ice tools if they didn’t al­ready come that way, yet most don’t con­tinue the tape all the way to the head. Though you don’t grab this part of the tool with your hands, com­pletely cov­er­ing the shaft with a thick layer of tape of­fers ben­e­fits. One of the most com­mon ways for me to “hol­ster” a tool is in my mouth. Ob­vi­ously bit­ing into tape is more com­fort­able than bit­ing into me­tal. Tape can add a bit of ex­tra fric­tion when jamming the tools into cracks. Tape also adds a thin layer of pro­tec­tion when pound­ing on things or drop­ping them short dis­tances.

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