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What ad­vice do you have for young women who want to send hard routes? First, they have to fall in love with climb­ing and if that hap­pens, the per­sis­tence and ded­i­ca­tion to train and fo­cus on the sport will be there and per­sonal suc­cess will fol­low.

What are some of your climb­ing goals for 2016? To con­tinue to im­prove and push my per­sonal lim­its. I want to be­come more pow­er­ful and work on be­ing dy­namic so that crux moves be­come eas­ier.

What dif­fi­cult crux made you feel like a rock­star? The crux of a.d.a.t.o., as I fell there so many times and en­dured pain and bat­tle wounds from the knee bars I had to use to do the moves.–

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