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Be a Multi-Sport Ath­lete Some peo­ple like to com­bine climb­ing, pad­dling, trail run­ning and other sports into one trip. Be­ing a multi-sport ath­lete is eas­ier when you’re at home than on the road, but that doesn’t mean that on rest days you shouldn’t take to the bike or go for a pad­dle. If you’re pro­ject­ing a hard route, some­times you only get a few burns a day be­fore hav­ing to stop. While you don’t want to trash your­self, it’s good to keep the blood f low­ing with some low-im­pact move­ment. Light trail run­ning or hik­ing is a good way to see the area. Many climb­ing ar­eas of­fer great road bik­ing or down­hill moun­tain bike ac­cess. It’s com­mon for peo­ple to get burnt out just climb­ing, be­lieve it or not, so by mix­ing it up you’ll keep the psy­che high.

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