It’s im­por­tant to train both our strengths and weak­nesses.

Gripped - - STORY - Gold Medal Rest Days

are bal­anc­ing your climb­ing train­ing with dif­fer­ent sports. I find car­dio re­ally helps me to be able to re­cover quickly at com­pe­ti­tions whether in routes or boul­der­ing. Run­ning, swim­ming or bik­ing are all great ways to in­crease your aer­o­bic ca­pac­ity. Op­po­si­tion ex­er­cises (work­ing the mus­cles that aren’t used as much in climb­ing) and stretch­ing are also great ways to use the days you don’t climb. Pushups, elas­tic band arm ex­ten­sions, foam rolling, wrist curls and sus­pen­sion train­ing are all great ex­er­cises to do on your days off.

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