Add On: One of the old­est boul­der­ing drills is the sim­ple game of add on. Add on is tra­di­tion­ally done with one part­ner to in­crease climb­ing time. The first climber se­lects two start holds and then adds two moves and comes down. The sec­ond climber re­peats the moves and adds two moves. The goal is not to stump your part­ner, but to cre­ate a long prob­lem that builds a pump on moves nei­ther climber might have cre­ated on their own. The drill ends when one climber can no longer com­plete the route or add on any moves. Add on can also be done with one per­son on the ground with a laser pointer or long stick. They point to the next hold and the climber at­tempts the moves un­til they come off the wall.

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